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YOURDRIVERAPP Uber Clone Script Review

The name Uber has become ubiquitous with taxi booking. In the recent times, they have not only created a global empire but also redefined the way cab business is run.

uber clone script

With their state of the art software and impeccable leadership uber has set standards that would be daunting for any company to achieve. There are various factors responsible for the sudden rise of cab booking business. One of the prominent ones is the failure of the public transport system.

In most parts of the world, the public transport has utterly failed to provide comfort and safety to the common mass at an affordable and economic rate. This is what has led to the rise of a multibillion-dollar cab booking business syndicate.

What makes Uber unique? How have they managed to create an enterprise unrivaled for?

These are some of the questions that have haunted business owners. Well, the answer is simple, their software is one of the cornerstones for their success.

This is one of the reasons that led to the rise of the companies specializing in making uber clone scripts. These companies are trying to adopt the good features of Uber into their app and in the meantime enrich their product with innovative applications not available before.

What inspired Yourdriverapp to make an Uber clone app?

Yourdriverapp is a company from Netherland specializing in taxi booking and dispatch apps. Their commitment to providing their customers with an app that will give all the functionalities of Uber, Lyft or Grab have made them enter the taxi booking app business. From the day it was conceived Yourdriverapp has managed to deliver 60+ apps worldwide. A team of experienced developers and the commitment to excellence have made the company persevere in this highly competitive market for 9 years.

What makes their product unique and one of its kind?

Behind the success of any product based company lies the uniqueness of its product and the service they offer to their customers. Let’s take a look at some of the cool features of their product.

  • The driver app is loaded with unique features to manage, share and dispatch jobs right from a single window itself. You can also expand the network by inviting other drivers to join the network and assign jobs to them.
  • Signing into the app is easy, which requires just an SMS verification prior to login.
  • There is a unique feature called building the network which allows growing one’s network by inviting other drivers to join the network.
  • Their dispatching system is world class which assigns a job to the drivers on the flow.
  • The app supports multiple languages which makes this app usable in many different languages across the globe.
  • Another unique feature is the priority push feature which allows a driver higher in priority to accept the job first.
  • The passenger app can be easily customizable with tons of features as per the demand of the customer.
  • The app comes with an extensive support for credit cards and a lot of other payment modes.
  • The admin console takes care of all sorts of management along with a support for advanced analytics that is basically a bundle of some advanced tools for analyzing the system.

What else is needed?

Every product grows along with time. As per the demand of the customer and the recent trends the product keeps on enhancing. Although the Yourdriverapp’s uber clone is loaded with all the advanced features needed in an uber clone script many of the cool features are found to be missing.

Let’s have a look on the features that are found to be missing in the software or to put it in a different sense the presence of these features would have enhanced the quality of the product in many different ways.

  • Geofencing : As a potential business owner there may be times when you have to run some promotional campaigns targeting certain specific regions within a city or certain cities as a whole. These promos are only visible in the configured parts and not visible in other parts. The geofencing in a layman’s term is a geographical boundary. The admin can set the radius for the geofencing to take effect.
  • Offline Booking : Imagine a situation where your customer has no access to the internet or any other facilities to make a booking. In such a case there is only one way to make a booking that is by a placing a call to customer care executive to make the booking.
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