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Best Servers to Run your Car Rental Reservation Software

Are you looking for the best servers that will suit your car rental reservation software? Here’s why you need servers for your website and applications.

Servers help save, secure and manage the data of a small or big business. They can perform a lot of functions associated with various tasks, from data storage to connecting equipment and resources.

Car rental business owners need to understand what combination of hardware and software servers work well together for your rental software. Listing down the main tasks that your server should handle would be a good start. Is an in-house server is required, a cloud-based server, or a combination of the two is better? Some important aspects to consider for the ideal performance of your car rental reservation software would be the overall security of information in the server, load balancing during peak hours, data storage capacity, diagnostic abilities, data access – hardware processor speed, RAM, etc. You could run the checklist with your software developer to come up with a well-defined plan.

Here’s the fundamental depiction of how these components are layered and work cohesively to get your car rental reservation software up and running.

car rental reservation software

For software servers, there is a large pool of options available from opensource to customized proprietary software servers. The latter involves a software licensing fee but may have advanced feature sets. You need to pick what is right based on the nature of your business and its requirement.

Here is a list of the popular Web & Application servers that you can use with your car rental reservation software.

Web Servers

car rental reservation software
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Supported Features: Virtual hosting, handling large files, bandwidth adjustments for network traffic regulation and the mitigation of bandwidth congestion, and server-side scripting for the creation of dynamic web pages.

Apache HTTP Server is an open-source web server and is very easy to set up and install. Most deployments require minimal customization for use. Its simplistic design allows a lot of flexibility for developers, which, if not configured correctly, can lead to a few security risks. It is compatible with all modern network protocols.

Apache Tomcat server is an open-source web server and can be used as application servers as well with additional modules. It is a straightforward and efficient tool that is easy to configure. It can be personalized at start-up and provides the possibility to set up options and memory alterations. Tomcat supports nearly all web server features that developers prefer, such as the Tread pool, connection pool, HTTPS, Mutual. Overall, Tomcat as a web server makes a good option for a car rental reservation software.

Oracle HTTP Server is a web server solution by Oracle that is based on the Apache architecture, and it is available as an open-source. However, support is a paid service. It contains all API related to Weblogic and is easier to integrate. It’s relatively easy to customize as it is based on Apache, and Oracle provides adequate documentation support for customizing your requirements.

IBM HTTP Server is a web server developed by IBM and is based on the Apache webserver. It can be downloaded for free, but the IBM system support is not free of cost.

Lighttpd is an open-source web server with a small footprint. It has proven to be fast for mostly static pages. It is compatible with most IDE and comes packaged with several other open-source software. It doesn’t support some IIS API, multi-tier architecture, and WSGI.

Other recommended Web Servers: NGINX, IIS by Microsoft, LiteSpeed, Node.js

Application Servers

car rental reservation software
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Supported Features: Easy download and installation, Supports different programming environments or IDEs, Administration console for managing application and environment, Capacity to handle multiple applications, Overall performance includes deploy time, initialization time, and compliance with field standard programming languages like Java EE and DSHi.

Apache Tomcat is open-source application software that offers a rich set of application program interfaces (API) and allows easy deployment from the command line. It can efficiently run parallel applications and is integrated well with IDE, including Eclipse and IntelliJ, but not Enterprise Java beans (EJB). Apache Tomcat may have some limitations, as it is not a full-fledged application server.

Oracle Weblogic is a stable open-source middleware tool that supports several development environments such as Oracle, DB/2, MS SQL Server, MySQL. It has adequate load balancing and robust security protocols. Installation and configuration of the servers can sometimes be time-consuming and complex. However, application deployment is easy and can be directly be done from the system console.

WebSphere is a robust application server with support for most Java systems. IBM has developed and made several tools available that make development and testing easier. The installation of the server is time-consuming and complicated. It also has a larger server footprint than some other alternatives. Once installed correctly, it has proven to be stable and uncomplicated.

The right combination of the above servers can help you run your car rental reservation software seamlessly in a robust environment to handle a large volume of data. 

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