Uber Clone script
Uber Clone script




Uber Clone script Must have accessories for your App.

About Smartcar

Say Hi to Nikola by Smart Car. Launch and run your own taxi hailing app without having worry about technology. Leave the coding to us, we have a super smooth web and mobile app that does everything you would expect from a leading taxi aggregator. And if you need extra bells and whistles, we’d be happy to customise it for you.
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Uber Clone script


Uber Clone script

Driver-less cars ready!

Driver-less cars getting commercially available in 2018. Every brand is launching its own driver-less vehicle ( Fiat, BMW, Volkswagen, GM etc. )As you keep adding one driver-less car after other to your business, you can manage your entire fleet from this ONE app.
Uber Clone script  Top Autonomous cars startup

Uber Clone script

Extensive Admin Panel

A thoroughly researched admin panel for every category of business make sure that you control all aspects of what your customers and service providers experience. Check our Uber clone Admin Demo.

Uber Clone script

Real-time Tracking Using Maps

Track your customer and cab in real time using our smooth real-time map tracking facility. This will certainly keep you off the unnecessary calls and confusions. No other Uber clone script uses tracking as we do.

Uber Clone script


The Nikola admin panel is custom-made to suit the taxi business and let’s you control your customer experience to the max. All it takes is a one-time setup and you’re on auto mode. The Uber clone app ensures optimized dispatching of taxis, collects fares, distributes driver fees, and deposits your commission into your PayPal account.

Uber Clone script

Total Control IOT Device

This Uber clone script comes with an OBD device called Trip Land. This simple piece of hardware sits in your car and communicates with the app to give you real-time tracking. What’s more, it gives you more than just location, it even shows you fuel consumption and driving habits. No more worrying about driver misuse or passenger safety.  Learn More

Uber Clone script

Economical and High Quality

Take advantage of a fully white-labelled, economical and top-notch native iOS/Android Uber clone app. All this at an incredibly economical price, and no long drawn processes of getting custom software made.

Uber Clone script

Future ready

Our team is constantly on improvement, and you can expect an even better Uber Clone script as we move forward. The automated car is closer than you think, and our Lab is making sure you have access to this breakthrough technology as and when the legislation and markets are ready for it.  Visit our Lab

Uber Clone script

Smart Wallet

Every online solution these days need a Wallet. So we have promptly integrated a Smart Wallet inside Nikola. Your users can store money inside the Wallet and the money gets deducted upon each usage. You get an incredible Dashboard to manage the entire Wallet of your app. You can instantly check all the Transactions & also add credit for any user at will.

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Smart-Car User App

Android App ios App

Username: rickypant@gmail.com

Password: 12345

Smart-Car Admin Panel

Admin Panel

Username: admin@smart-car.tech

Password: 123456

Smart-Car Driver App

Android App ios App

Username: johndaviz@gmail.com

Password: 12345

Support Process


Uber Clone script

Once you have your breakthrough, our team of experts will brainstorm with you to help you get the most out of your idea. You bring the business concept and we will help you shape it and crystallise the end solution for your customers, both from a business, as well as a tech point of view.


Uber Clone script

We take care of the technology from start to finish - Till it’s up and running and live on the App Store. Tech is the binding agent that brings it all together, and we make sure it stays that way. Your customers, your product, your drivers, your cars - tied up neatly with an intuitive User Interface for your customers as well as the drivers.


Uber Clone script

We also help you with your marketing efforts. Modern marketing is as much about technology as it is about marketing. And thankfully, we got the the tech part down to a tee. Our marketing efforts range from simple emailers, to complex mailer bots that can help you single-handedly perform the job of an entire marketing department.


Uber Clone script

With a little patience and persistence, you are on your way to riding the greatest tech wave of our times and cashing in on what’s possibly the most dramatic shifts in technology since the industrial revolution.

Questions? Shoot a mail to: info@smart-car.tech

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Advanced features for scaling your business

Pricing Term Try for FREE Try for FREE
Splash Screen
App Name
Native IOS App for Driver and Rider Uber Clone script Uber Clone script
Native Android App for Driver and Rider Uber Clone script Uber Clone script
Mobile Responsive Front End Website
Driver Registration Facility
Facebook Signup and Signin Facility
OTP Verification for a New User
God's Eye - Real Time GPS Tracking
Book an Instant Ride Uber Clone script
Book for Later with Dispatch Uber Clone script
Google Map Integration
Automatic Fare Estimate & Calculation
BrainTree Payment Gateway
Paypal Payment Gateway
Pay by Cash Option
Smart Wallet
In-app Notifications to Rider and Driver
Favourites location Option for the Rider
Accept / Decline Trip Request
Call Rider Option
Book a Ride with Destination
Chat between Rider and User
Live Car Tracking as in UBER
Animated Splash Screen
Configuring Hourly Rental Package Uber Clone script
Airport Trip Management Uber Clone script
Promo Code Feature
Trip History Details
Detailed Ride History
Detailed Fare Breakdown
Review and Rating for both Rider and Driver
Driver Validating User Payment
User Friendly Admin Panel with Privileges Uber Clone script
Easy Commission Tracking Management in Admin
Email Templates
SEO Settings Front end website
SMS notification - (Twilio)
Basic Reskin / Personalized branding for Web & Mobile App
Single Domain License with 100% Access to Source Code
One Time Free Server Installation
Dedicated Support
30 mins Skype Support Per Week
Free Upgrades
Free App Installation Service
Free Support Period
Free Updates for the bugs within the Feature List Provided
Get Started Get Started

Questions? Shoot a mail to: info@smart-car.tech

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A car rental software is used by pure car rental companies like Avis. The software helps such companies to setup a rental management system and manage all the cars that have been rented out. It also has features for fleet management etc. Most car rental companies provide cars that needs to be self driven by the renter.

A vehicle hire software is used mainly by Taxi dispatch companies. These companies provide cab, taxi on hire for passengers. The duration of the hire can be anywhere between 15 minutes to 2 hours on an average. Innovative companies like UBER, LYFT etc. have taken the standards of vehicle hire software to next level. Most vehicle hire companies provide cars that have a driver driving it for you.

Yes. That is what we have been doing with our Smart car software suite. The best features of any car rental software, Fleet management, Taxi Dispatch systems etc. have been merged to give an awesome & seamless experience.

Yes. This can also be used as a Lyft clone script. Lyft is another famous Ride Hailing company from Los Angeles. Lyft was started after UBER and has seen a massive growth. It has also attracted huge funding in the recent years. Lyft has also expanded to various countries world wide. The design and UI/ UX of Lyft app stands out. The way in which Lyft brands itself has got this company many followers. Using this Lyft clone script, you can also start a Lyft like app anywhere in the world.

In terms of functionality, both should be the same. But design wise a Lyft clone can be different. UBER is also getting into other things aggressively. UBER eats is also part of UBER these days. A Lyft clone can be more focussed on Ride hailing alone.

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