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LIBRETAXI Uber Clone Script Review

Humanity has experienced a surge in the technological breakthrough in the course of history. Smartphones have been one of the wonder kits of the 21st century leading this mobile revolution.

uber clone script

Not only our day to day life is greatly influenced by this, but also changed in a lot many ways. Just a few years back who would have thought cab dispatch business would be a billion-dollar business.

Taxis and cabs have been there in all the major cities of the world from a very long time. But the herculean increase in their demand have led to the emergence of companies like Uber, Lyft and Grab. With their superior product and world class customer support these companies have changed the way business was done.

As a result of which taxi booking business has become one of the most sought after and lucrative business in the modern times. Many mid level business owners and enterprises have came forward to start their own taxi booking business.

This thrust of companies coming forward to create a billion dollar enterprise have made this domain highly lucrative and competitive.

What made Libretaxi make an Uber/Lyft alternative?

Libretaxi was founded by Roman Pushkin in 2016. Located in San Francisco, California this company is committed to delivering an open-source alternative to Uber/Lyft. In the modern time where there is a cutthroat competition in the world of uber clone scripts, Libretaxi has led the clone wars with a storm. Service to humanity has been their only motto.

As said by the founder himself “People, not corporations should have control over how taxi service works”. Libretaxi not only gives flexibility to passengers but also self-employment to drivers. Anybody interested to start its own taxi dispatch business can download the app and use. The source code is totally hackable and can be easily configured and tuned to one’s own use.   

What makes LibreTaxi’s Uber Clone Script unique?

Although LibreTaxi has made an open source alternative of Uber/Lyft, they have nevertheless loaded the app with numerous features. If you are an individual looking to take your chances in the taxi booking business LibreTaxi is the best choice.

Now, let’s have a look at some of the cool features in the app.

  • Free of Charge : The most important feature is that the software is completely free and is readily available at no extra cost.
  • Cash Only : The LibreTaxi only supports cash mode of payment. Although the developers are working to integrate bitcoin mode of payment into the app which will be available in the future versions of the software.
  • Negotiable : The drivers can set their own prices and can negotiate with the passengers. As a result of which there is no brokerage charged and no third party involved.
  • Support for multiple Devices : The app supports all sorts of devices. It can be successfully installed on any platform let it be Android, iOS, Web you name it.
  • Privacy and Freedom : As this is an open source software there is no need to worry about any legal infringement issues.
  • Battery Friendly : The GPS tracking system is based on Telegram messaging that consumes very less power on you mobile.
  • Multiple Language Support : The app supports multiple languages including all the major languages of the world.

What else is needed?

Even though for an open source software there are a lot of features that are found to be missing in the app. All these features could not only enhance the capability of the app but also make it a world leader in open source uber clone script.

Now, let’s take a look on the features that are very essential but are found to be missing.

  • Ride Sharing : Pooling helps the customers to have an economic and affordable ride which is very essential when you are running a customer-centric business.
  • Wallet : Nowadays most of the customers prefer a complete cashless mode of payment. The integrated wallet in the app allows the customer to go completely cashless.
  • Surge Pricing : Surge pricing is required to increase the price a little bit at the peak hours in order to encourage the drivers.
  • Promo Codes : Sometimes it becomes essential to run promotional offers for the customers which is only possible with the help of promo codes.
  • Corporate Account : When you are running a huge enterprise it becomes essential to keep track of all the personnel that has been hired from an affiliate partner. With the help of a corporate account, it is possible to manage them.
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