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NANLogical Uber Clone Script Review

Public transport has utterly failed the common man in the modern cosmopolitan. There are various factors responsible for this. First and foremost is the rise of global giants like Uber and Lyft. The name Uber is like imprinted in our memory. There is not a single day that goes by when we do not commute by a cab. Our mobile phone is loaded one or more uber clone scripts.

uber clone script

For someone who doesn’t know what is an uber clone script, well it is an app like any other app that we use every day. This is a taxi dispatch software which comes in two versions, one for the passenger and the other for the driver.

If you are planning to start a cab booking business then perhaps the most important part of your venture should be to find a software that will keep your company way ahead of your rivals. These days a lot of companies are developing uber clone scripts. Their software is loaded with lots of unique features, but finding a vendor that will cater to all your needs is really challenging.

Another important fact to note is that your software should be ergonomic and highly adaptable to current trends. The more customizable the product is the higher is the acceptance of the product among its customers.

What inspired NANLogical to develop an uber clone script?

NANLogical is an Indian software company that specializes in mobile application development and web development. The company is supported by a team of very dedicated professionals who have years of experience to their credit. Their commitment to deliver the finest product in the market makes them the preferred choice among their clients. They have been into the app development for quite some time now.

How the Uber Clone script from NANLogical is different – The Good!

As a potential client, it is very important to know the product that your vendor is offering. There are certain unique features that make a product different from that of the others. Let’s examine in detail some of the cool features of this product.

  • Social Login : The user can register with the help of any of his social media profile including facebook.
  • Promotion and Referral Code : The customer can refer his friends and family and get special discounts on the next booking.
  • Notification : The app is capable of sending a push notification to both passenger and user at suitable times during the course of the trip. The customer is even notified with the help of email and SMS.
  • Ratings & Reviews : Both the passenger and the driver will be able to rate each other with this app. The ratings are very essential to know what kind of person the passenger is and even it is applicable to the driver as well.
  • Surge Pricing : At the time of heavy demand the price increases a bit to encourage the drivers to go the extra mile to pick the customer up. The surge pricing is automatically calculated and added to the base fare at the time of booking.
  • Smart Analytics : The smart analytic engine integrated into the app helps the admin to analyze the day to day activities of the customers.
  • Flexible Vehicle Options : The customer can choose a vehicle for the ride from all the available type of vehicles. The fare is shown separately for different type of vehicles at the time of booking.
  • Panic Button : The app allows the users to add up to 3 contact numbers, and the admin is also added and remains invisible to the customer. At the time of emergency, the admin is notified instantly and contacts one of the numbers given in the list and informs the driver about the status of the customer.
  • Gender Based Booking : The company understands the requirements of the women riders and to encourage more women riders the app is programmed in such a way that women riders are booked along with fellow women riders only.
  • Fare Calculator : The app has a very smart fare calculator. It takes care of all the additional details during booking a ride like a surge pricing, discounts, nighttime ride etc.
  • Schedule Ride : A customer can schedule and book a trip for the future. The customer will be aptly notified before the time of ride.
  • Corporate Booking : Some companies are now hiring a taxi for their employees. Hence to facilitate this there is a provision for corporate booking as well.

What else is needed – The Bad and The Ugly!

Although the software from NANLogical is one of its kind, there are certain features that are found to be missing. Let’s take a look at some of the features that would make a nice addition to the app.

  • Call Center Management : A customer care executive is needed to help out a customer in need. He can track the location of the customer at desperate times. It is also possible to book a ride offline by simply making a call to the customer care executive.
  • Corporate Account : Let’s have a look why there is a need of a corporate account. The corporate account is used to maintain the details of affiliated personnel for your company. When the business expands sometimes it becomes necessary to borrow personnel from affiliate partners, the corporate account takes care of that.
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