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How to test the Fare Estimate feature in a UBER CLONE SCRIPT ?

Looking for a perfect Uber Clone script ? Well, the most important feature of a Uber Clone script is the fare estimator.

This new app in the market has an incredible fare estimator. All you have to do is install the app and try it out for yourself. This crisp article will help you know the features well.

uber clone script, fare estimate feature

First you’ll need to install the Uber clone script in your mobile phone. You can ask your software vendor to provide you with an .apk file for your Android device or an ipa file for your iPhone. Some vendors have the demo already hosted on the Play store and the App store, so you can easily download and install them. If you need help on the installation, check this post.

Step 1: Search for the app on your smartphone and tap the icon to load it.

uber clone script, fare estimate feature

Step 2: Once the app is loaded you will get a screen similar to the one shown below.

uber clone script, fare estimate feature

Step 3: Next you have to set the pickup location. The smart tracking feature in the app does that for you at an instant. All you have to do is tap the navigation button and you are all set.

uber clone script, fare estimate feature

uber clone script, fare estimate feature

uber clone script, fare estimate feature

Step 4: Then you have to enter the destination at the ‘Choose your destination tab’. The moment you start typing you will be shown a drop down menu of all possible suggestions of your desired destination. Just pick one out of all the suggestions. If you don’t find your location you are always welcome to type your own. After the destination is set all you have to do is confirm your booking by choosing the ‘Let’s Go’ tab.

uber clone script, fare estimate feature

Step 5: After that you will be shown a screen displaying a map showing source to destination path along with the duration of the entire trip. Now all you have to do is pick a vehicle from the slider menu shown at the bottom. All the vehicles are listed along with their hire price.

uber clone script, fare estimate feature

Step 6: To know more about the trip price of a certain vehicle just tap on the icon of the vehicle for a certain time and then a window will pop up displaying the detail fare of the trip along with the capacity of the vehicle that it can maximum accommodate.

uber clone script, fare estimate feature

Step 7: After you choose your desired vehicle from the menu you can go for the payment option you wish to choose. Tap on the ‘Change payment option tab’ to select your desired option. Right now the app supports payments through the cash, paypal and wallet option only, other options will be added soon in the future upgrades.

uber clone script, fare estimate feature



Why do i need a fare estimator ?

The fare estimator is the most important feature of a uber clone script. The accuracy of the fare estimator plays an important role in the trip experience. This app not only delivers a very accurate method to compute your fare but also it offers the most economic trip fares in your city.

Can i rely on the fare calculator feature of the app ?

Yes, absolutely the fare estimate feature of the app is set by the admin taking into consideration the cost/km rate of a particular city. The estimated cost is accurate according to the transportation standards of the city.

What if my city has a different distance/time standards ?

This uber clone script is programmed taking into consideration all the modern distance/time standards including the most popular miles/hr and km/hr. The app automatically sets to the standard of the particular city you are in.

Is there a default payment option for a vehicle ?

The default option is usually set by the admin. Right now it supports cash and wallet options only.

Do i need a smartphone to use this app ?

Yes, you need to have a smartphone to install and use this app.

What version of Android it supports ?

This app can be installed in Android version 5 or higher.

Can i install this app on an iPhone ?

Absolutely, if your phone is running iOS version 8 or higher you are good to install and use the app.

Is the app free to download or do i have to make a payment to download it ?

This is a demo app and is absolutely free to download from Play store and App store for you to test and evaluate the product.


Would you like to test the demo?

Clicking on the “Message Us” button would open Facebook Messenger, you can ask them for the updated demo links.
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