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TAXI HAWK Uber Clone Script Review

Taxi Hawk has proved itself aptly as one of the leading developers of uber clone script. Before going any further let me explain what exactly is an uber clone script. An uber clone script is a duplicate or a replica of the original taxi dispatch software of Uber.

uber clone script

The uber clone script has all the features of the original software and a lot many vendors are also customizing their uber clone script to have a few more innovative features. There has been a lot of competition in this particular area as a lot of vendors have come forward to offer their own version of the software.

In the midst of all this hotchpotch, here has been the ever demanding client who is determined to follow the lead of Uber and establish itself as one of it’s biggest rivals. But as easy as it may seem it is very difficult to outrun Uber. Not only the business strategy should be as impeccable as that of Uber’s but also the product should be a legendary one as that of that of the original.

It took a lot of effort and millions of dollars in research and development to bring out a product like that of Uber. If you are a potential owner planning to start a business of your own the most important part of your business should be to find a software that will keep you ahead of your competitors.

A brief history of Taxi Hawk

Taxi Hawk is a brand from Seattle who has the distinction of bringing some of the best clone scripts into the market. They are a team of highly experienced professionals who are determined to make the world a better place with their legendary products. They are the mastermind behind CabIT, Jugnoo, Gadol, and OGA Taxi to name a few. The company also specializes in a lot of other verticals like making software for Event companies, Airport/Hotel Taxi services, Boat companies and shuttle companies.

How is Taxi Hawk’s Uber Clone Script Different from the others?

Let’s have an inside look at some of the interesting features of the uber clone script from Taxi Hawk. Here we shall have a feature by feature analysis of all the important features that are bundled with the software along with the reason for its conception.

  • Real-Time Tracking : The customer and the driver can track the progress of the ride right from their app. With the help of google maps and GPS live tracking and navigation becomes simplified and interactive.
  • Customer Feedback : The customer can give the feedback to the driver and share his trip experience after the ride by posting on the feedback column in the app. The driver can also rate the customer from his app.
  • Know Your Driver : This feature allows the customer to interact with the driver with a one to one communication.
  • Simplified Navigation : In-app pick up and drop locations helps the driver to have a seamless navigation.
  • Trip Management : The driver can start and end a ride and receive payment from the passenger from his app.
  • Tiered Pricing Structure : There are different pricing structure for the cabs depending upon the type of vehicle and capacity or the number of seats booked.

What else could be added

Some things need to change as change is an essential part of evolution. With the consistent growth in the taxi dispatch software, there has been a cutthroat competition in this domain. Staying ahead of your peers and make your product reach the zenith of success requires a lot of effort and innovation. Let’s have a look at some essential features that are found to be missing in the software.

  • Wallet : What is the importance of a Wallet? As a business owner, you might want to give your customer complete freedom to go cashless. With the help of an integrated wallet, the customer can transfer money from his bank account and use the same to pay for the ride. Security and authentication are taken care of the payment gateway.
  • Geofencing : What is a Geofencing? Well, in a layman’s point of view geofencing is simply a geographical boundary. The Geofencing feature could be quite useful when a company wants to run some promotional campaigns targeting certain specific parts of a city. All the admin has to do is set the radius for the virtual boundary to take effect.
  • Surge Pricing : Why Surge Pricing? The surge pricing feature is used to provide a little incentive and motivation to the drivers to go pick a customer at peak hours. The surge pricing can also be activated by the admin at the time natural disasters like strikes, curfews, and rainfall.
  • Social Media Sharing : With the rise of social media it would be a smart decision to have a provision to integrate social media sharing right into the app. As a result of this, a customer can share his ride experiences with his friends and relatives on social media.
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