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GMH SYSTEMS Uber Clone Script Review

We are living in the age of digital revolution. Our everyday life is greatly inspired by the applications that we use. Living in a cosmopolitan city demands a public transport system that is both economic and reachable to the common mass.

uber clone script

But as we know the public transport system fails to deliver in a highly populated zone. In a country like India where millions of people commute everyday cab transport has created quite a buzz.

Many people prefer cabs to have a tension free ride to their workspace. In the meantime they can concentrate on other activities like preparation of a business proposal, planning for a party and chatting to a close relative.

Companies like Uber and Lyft have created a billion dollar empire operating in various cities of the world and providing a safe and secured transport facility to the people. The rise of Uber have made taxi booking business a very lucrative one and the most sought after.

People in cosmopolitan cities are getting Uberified. Many companies have come forward with their unique solution to the cab booking business, in a way creating their own Uber clone script.

What inspired GMH systems to come up with a car rental software?  

Founded in 2004, this Australian company have managed to attract a lot of potential customers. The growing demand for car rental software has inspired the company to create one of their own. Flexible features and outstanding functionalities have made their application quite popular. Their team of highly experienced professionals is committed to providing any sort of customization as per the client’s demand. 

What are the customers saying?

“Very impressive software – Craig Sutherland, Owner Dunedin Automotive

“Ultimate car rental software – Ian Carlton, Owner Rent-a-Dent

“One of the best in the market – Greenville Salmon, Owner PACE Car Rental

What makes Car Rental Manager different – The Good!

Now let’s have a close look at some of the cool stuff that makes car rental manager one of its kind in the market and a giant rival to its competitors.

  • Cloud Based Solution – Car rental manager is a complete end to end cloud based solution. With the advancement in cloud computing, most of the services in the computing world are moving to the cloud. This makes the applications safe, secure and ubiquitous.
  • Awesome Integration – The car rental manager can be integrated with a website. All the admin has to do is monitor the services from a web-based console. It becomes very easy to manage bookings and sales from a web-based console.
  • Automated Toll Management : The toll management is integrated into the software so that it becomes easier for the driver and the rider to have a hassle-free ride. The additional fee is automatically calculated and added to the fare.
  • GPS Tracking : The application uses google maps and state of the art GPS tracking system for real-time tracking of the vehicles. The GPS device is physically installed into the vehicle as a result of which along with tracking a host of other information are also made available like speed and ignition status, location history and battery voltage among others.

What else is needed – The Bad and The Ugly!

In the world of cut-throat business, it is very difficult to get ahead of your competitors. So being unique and having more functionalities will keep the product in the topmost position in the market. Now let’s have a look at the features that are found to be missing in the software.  

  • When the customer needs to catch a flight it is good to have an airport sharing feature that would take care of all the additional discrepancies. The app does not have a support for Airport Ride Sharing. Customers who need to catch a flight in the midst of a heavy traffic and through numerous toll gates may find it useful.
  • When you are planning to go cashless why not go for Bitcoin. There should have been a provision for Bitcoin mode of payment integrated into the wallet. In this digital world, people are tending a lot to go for a complete cashless mode of payment.
  • Why spend money on a lawyer while you can save a great deal of it. As the world is advancing so is the mobile applications. A Smart Contract built into the app will help the customers save a considerable amount of revenue.
  • There could have been a facility to make the app completely self-driving. As unmanned vehicles are becoming a buzzword these days there should have been a provision for the software to be Future Ready.
  • When managing huge resources becomes topmost priority a call center becomes a lifesaver. An efficient Call Center Management is very essential when managing a huge business with a lot of affiliate partners with a lot of resources to handle.
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