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IOSS Uber Clone Script Review

One of the most downloadable apps on the App Store these days is the uber clone script. This is no surprise as the uber clone scripts are creating a lot of buzz these days.

uber clone script

Isn’t that obvious! Since its conception Uber has touched every nook and corner of the world with its state of the art technology and unbeatable service. Within a very short span of time uber has created an unmatchable brand and has touched the heart of millions of people around the world.

The tremendous popularity of taxi dispatch companies like Uber have led other companies to follow their path. Now that they know billions can be made with a very little investment the cab booking business has gained a lot of momentum among mid-level companies.

This secret of Uber as a global technology giant is its sheer innovation, leadership and its groundbreaking application. For a company following the path of Uber, it is very important to have a good uber clone script in their possession. Now a great product comes at a bigger price.

A lot of software companies are making uber clone scripts. There is a significant difference in the functionalities of their software. That is where a potential business owner needs to be careful before purchasing a software from the vendor.

A brief history of IOSS

Infinite Open Source Solutions LLP have been in the industry for 8 years and they have made quite a brand for themselves with aggressive and superior work. A shortage in quality uber clone script have inspired the company to come up with their own product. Undaunted determination and hard work is the motto of the company. They have been constantly innovating themselves by adopting different technologies and taking all the effort to go the extra mile for the client.

What makes InfiniteCab from IOSS different    

Well, from the potential business owner’s point of view it is important to know the product feature by feature that you are planning to purchase. Only a software that is innovative and unique and complacent to modern standards will take your company into greater heights and put you in the big leagues. Let’s analyze the uber clone script from IOSS feature by a feature having an emphasis on the importance and necessity of each feature.

  • Secure Registration : The registration is simple and secured. The user can register with help of mobile number or email followed by an OTP.
  • Passenger Call Alerts : When a passenger tries to book a trip, nearest 8 drivers will get call alert along with passenger details.
  • Smart Tracker : The smart tracker fetches the pickup location and the drop location automatically.
  • Schedule Future Trip : The customer can schedule a trip for the future. All the scheduled trips are shown in the ‘Booked Trips’ menu.
  • View Nearby Cars : At the time of booking all the drivers present in the vicinity are visible on the map.
  • Instant Trip Booking : The customer can book the ride instantly. All he has to do is select the cab type and book the ride. The respective fare for the cab is shown at the time of booking along with ETA.
  • Fare Estimate : The fare estimator calculates the fare based on the distance and time before the booking is done.
  • Coupon Codes : There is a provision for coupon codes to avail certain discounts at the time of special promotional events.
  • E-Wallet : With an integrated wallet the customer can go completely cashless. All he has to do is transfer the money to the wallet and pay for the ride.
  • Choose your Cab : There are many types of cabs available like SUV, Economy, Luxury etc. Based on the capacity and requirement a customer can choose his vehicle.
  • Rating : Both the passenger and the driver can rate each other after the trip.
  • Trip Details : After the trip ends complete detail of the ride is presented to the customer.
  • Notification : During the course of the trip the customer is notified aptly by push notifications and alerts.
  • Refer a Friend : A customer can refer his friends and relatives and avail certain discounts. Even a driver can refer and earn incentives.
  • Social Media Sharing : The passenger can share the ride experience on the social media.
  • Trip Cancel : A passenger can cancel the trip anytime before the driver arrives at the location. Once the passenger cancels the ride within 2 minutes money will be deducted from the wallet. If there is not enough funds then the customer will be blocked.
  • Trip History : Both the driver and the passenger can have a complete look at the previous trips right from their app.
  • Surge Pricing : At the time of peak hours the price automatically raises to motivate the drivers.
  • Driver Earnings : The driver can keep track of his earnings from his app.
  • Admin Web Panel : The admin can perform all sorts of management operations from the web admin panel. The admin panel is supported by a beautiful dashboard and all the features present right on site.
  • Alert/Warning Sound : If a driver starts the ride without clicking on the ‘Start Ride’ button then an alarm sound is raised from the app.
  • Accept/Reject Request : The driver can accept and reject a request from his app.
  • Driver Adds Amount to Passengers Wallet : With the help of this feature a driver and add the amount to the passenger’s wallet.

What else is needed?

Every software is like a living organism, it grows, replicates and adapts. The more the software adapts the more it gets accustomed to the growing needs of its times. Although infinitecab is fantastic in every aspect still there are many features that are found to be missing from the software. Let’s take a look at some of the features that are found to be missing in the software.

  • Airport Ride Sharing : Why is having an airport ride sharing feature important in an uber clone script? In big metropolitan cities, it is very difficult to catch a flight at rush hours. The reason behind this is non availability of cabs and also the delay due to the number of toll booths present on the way to the airport. The airport ride sharing feature allows the customer to schedule a ride to the airport without having to worry about additional delays. The application takes care of all the surcharge and calculates and present the customer before the booking.   
  • Offline Booking : Assume a situation when your customer doesn’t have any access to the internet and could not make a booking. In that situation, all he can do is make a call to the customer care executive and make him book the ride. For this purpose, a offline booking feature is needed.


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