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DEEPEX TECHNOLOGIES Uber Clone Script Review

As a frequent user of Google App Store, one of the most noticeable things recently is the frequency of the downloads of the uber clone scripts increasing at an alarming rate. Not only the taxi dispatch software is the most downloaded ones but also the most to be reviewed.

uber clone script

The reason is quite simple, the demand and usage of the uber clone scripts are overwhelming these days. Whether it is a customer or a business owner, everyone is fascinated by these taxi dispatch software. It is very difficult to imagine someone living in a metropolitan city and has never taken a ride in a cab.

The emergence of technology giants like Uber and Lyft have taken the cab business to a whole new level. They have not only made cab riding affordable for common mass but also has modernized the way cab business was run before. As a result of this, the cab booking business has become the most sought-after and lucrative.

The only way to compete with the global giants and survive is to have a software that will put you ahead of others. As there has been a demand for quality uber clone script a lot of companies have come forward with their product. Hence, it would be wise to analyze each product feature by feature before making a purchase.

A brief history of Deepex Technologies

Deepex Technologies is an IT service provider with an expertise in end to end technology solutions. They specialize in mobile, web and internet marketing solutions. They have a strong experience in building brand image and providing customer-centric strategies with a creative bent of mind. Their employees are very experienced and are dedicated to handle all sorts of customer’s demands and wants. Deepex Technologies have successfully delivered 1500 project to 250 clients around the world. They have an annual growth of 97%.

What makes CABYING from Deepex Technologies different?

Every software is in some way or the other different from other. These features make it unique and keep it out of the herd. Let’s explore the essential features of the uber clone script from Deepex technologies.

  • Driver Tracking : From the passenger app a customer can see all the drivers available in the vicinity.
  • Driver Searching : The customers can search for a driver and look into his profile, reviews, and other details.
  • Transaction History : The customer app saves the history of all the transactions done in their account.
  • Social Sharing : The customer can share reviews, promo codes and referral codes with his friends and relatives on the social media right from the app.
  • Notifications and Alerts : During the course of the ride the customers get push notifications right from the acceptance of the request to the invoice generation after the trip is complete. On the other hand, the drivers get alerts even though their screen is turned off.
  • Promo Codes : Promo codes are available to privileged customers at the time of certain promotional events. They can use the codes and redeem the amount.
  • Service History : Both the driver, as well as the customer, can see the service history and check all the previous point of requests.
  • Ride Estimate : The smart fare estimator calculates the fare amount by taking into consideration all sorts of surcharge right before booking the ride.
  • User Active/Inactive : The user can make himself available/unavailable with a single tap from his app.
  • Driver Active/Inactive : The driver can make himself available/unavailable by a single button on the driver app.
  • Social Media Login : Now it is very simple to log in with the help of social media accounts.
  • Analytics : With the help of integrated analytics it is very simple to perform all kinds of analysis based on the previous records.
  • Maintenance Mode : Once the maintenance mode is on it intimates all the users that the taxi booking is under maintenance.
  • Car Types : There is a provision for adding a lot of different types of vehicles to the app so that the customer can choose his favorite vehicle for the ride. A price tag is available for each vehicle type so that the customer can know the price before booking.
  • Profile Settings : The customer, as well as the driver, can now edit their details right from the app.
  • Database Indexing : Database indexing is provided for fast page loading.

What else could be added

Although CABYING from Deepex Technologies is a remarkable software, there are certain essential features that are found to be missing. Let’s take a look at all those features that would be a useful addition to the software.

  • Wallet : Why do you need a Wallet? Well, the answer is simple and reasonable to make the payments. An integrated wallet in the app will allow the customer to transfer funds from the bank account and make the payment from the wallet. Some of the important payment gateways that could be integrated with the wallet in the backend are PayPal, Stripe, and Braintree. These payment gateways take care of the authentication and the security details so that the customer need not worry about any sort breach.   
  • Surge Pricing : What for is Surge Pricing? At the time of heavy demand for cab specifically at rush hours the driver may or may not be interested to pick a customer. In order to motivate the driver, surge pricing acts as an incentive. By increasing the price a little bit, and providing a mere incentive will certainly motivate the driver to pick the customer in need. At the time of natural disasters like a curfew or rainfall, there becomes a scarcity of drivers. A surge in price motivates the driver to be in service.
  • Ride Sharing : What is the importance of Ride Sharing? Most of the daily commuters need an economic ride. Ride-sharing makes the budget economic for the frequent commuters. In the vehicles providing pooling facility, there is always a chance of availability of seats.
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