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TADISS Uber Clone Script Review

The way the taxi booking business has grown into prominence in the present times is astounding. One of the reasons for this growth is the quality of software that is available these days. The name uber clone script has become eponymous to taxi dispatch software.

uber clone script

The emergence of companies like Uber and Lyft have changed the face of cab business as it was done earlier. They have not only modernized and revolutionized the business but also made it possible for the common man to afford a taxi ride on a daily basis.

The people living in metropolitan cities of the world have always found it difficult to commute to their work due to low availability of vehicles on a regular basis. As a result of which they have been dependent on the public transport.

But as you can find in major cities public transport is not well maintained and taken care of. There was no way a common man could afford a taxi ride before as it was very costly. But in the present times, it won’t be illogical to say that the people have undergone what is aptly called uberification.

What inspired Tadiss to develop their own Taxi Dispatch software?

Tadiss software is committed to bringing the best uber clone script into the market. Their team of dedicated developers are some of the most experienced and best in the world. Their expertise in the mobile application development is reflected from the quality of their software. As a potential vendor, they are fully committed to customizing their software as per the demand and needs of their customer.

How the Uber Clone script from Tadiss is different – The Good!

Here, let us look into some of the most attractive and cool features of the uber clone script from Tadiss. For anybody interested to purchase a software to start a cab business this is where you should be focussing more.

  • Multiple Language Support : The software is available in English, Arabic, and Spanish.
  • GPS Tracking : With the help of google maps integrated into the app and GPS real-time tracking of drivers and customers as possible.
  • Booking Confirmation : When a customer books a ride confirmatory mail along with SMS notification is sent instantly.
  • Wallet : With the help of a wallet the passenger can transfer the money from his bank account and use it for booking a ride in the future.
  • Paypal Integration : Many a payment from the Paypal account is easy as it is integrated into the app. All the user has to do is log in and transfer the money.
  • Card Management : A customer can add or delete a card easily with some taps from his phone.
  • Notification : A passenger, as well as the driver, is notified instantly of all the progress right from the booking to the trip completion with push notifications.
  • Promo Codes : Special offers and promotional events is an essential feature of any business. During such events promo codes are available to the customers and they are allowed to use it while booking a ride.
  • FAQ’s : There is a FAQ section within the app where a customer can find all sorts of interesting faqs regarding the app.
  • Feedback and Rating : The most important part of any business is to know your customer. Feedback and ratings helps to know what your customer wants.
  • Ride History : A driver, as well as a passenger, can view the details of the rides taken till date.
  • Emergency Contact : Sometimes it becomes necessary for a customer to provide an alternate number for a driver to contact just in case the customer is not reachable.
  • Driver Earnings : Drivers can view all their earnings from the driver app. It is possible to filter the earnings based on date.
  • Driver Referral : A driver can refer other drivers by an invitation code. Once the fellow driver registers with the company the referral amount will be automatically available in the driver’s wallet.
  • Favorite Location : A customer can save its favorite location within the app so that it becomes easier to book a ride frequently.
  • Reports and Analytics : The analytics engine embedded into the app helps the admin to perform all sorts of inspection like trip counts, coupons report, and payment collection.

What else is needed – The Bad and The Ugly!        

The uber clone script from Tadiss is incredibly rich in features. But as per the demand of the people, there are certain features that are found to be missing from the app. Let’s have a look at these features that would have been a great addition the software.

  • Airport Booking : As we all have experienced very often that it is very difficult to book a taxi to the airport at peak hours when the demand is very high. And even though we book a taxi it gets stopped at many poll booths before it reaches the airport. So there should be an airport booking feature that would take care of all these additional overheads and let the customer have a peaceful ride.
  • Personnel Management : When you run a taxi business, as it expands over time there becomes a need for additional drivers from some third-party source. The personnel management feature maintains all the records of these resources.
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