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SOIBrandz Uber Clone Script Review

For someone planning to enter into taxi dispatch business, the term uber clone script would be a familiar one. It is the backbone of every successful cab booking company. For someone who is new to this term let me explain what exactly is an uber clone script.

uber clone script

The uber clone app or uber clone script is an exact replica of the original software. The clone script has all the functionalities of the original software. Some of the software vendors are also providing additional features on top of the original one.

As the taxi booking business is a cutthroat one, as a potential business owner you need to have a software that is if not the original but very much similar to the original. The more scalable and user-friendly your software is, the more popular your company will become.

There are lot of companies who are making uber clone scripts. All their products differ in only certain aspects.

A brief history of SOIBrandz

SOIBrandz have been in the IT Sector for a long time. Founded in 2008 the company has managed to serve some of the distinguished companies in the IT Sector. The company specializes in responsive web development and mobile application development. Being more than a decade long now the company has seen a lots of changes in the mobile application domain. Their team of highly experienced and dedicated professionals are working round the clock to make their product as innovative as possible. Expertise, Support and Service is the motto of the company.

What makes the Uber Clone Script from SOIBrandz different

From an entrepreneurs point of view it is very important that one’s own product should be different from that of the competitors. The only way to make one’s product stand alone in the herd is to make it as innovative as possible. Let’s explore some of the innovative features of the uber clone script from SOIBrandz.

  • PCI Compliant : The app is 100% PCI compliant. All the card information is not stored on the app server but instead transferred to the payment gateway.
  • Google Maps : Integrated google maps helps in smart navigation.
  • Booking History : The passenger as well as the driver can view the entire ride history right from the day 1. All the details are maintained in the server.
  • Select Taxi Type : The customer can select his mode of transport from a pool of vehicle types. The fare is automatically adjusted.
  • Automatic Invoice Generation : After the trip is complete the invoice is generated automatically and sent to the customer’s email id.
  • Review and Rating : There is a provision for the passengers to rate the driver and make necessary suggestions.
  • Live Tracking : With the help of GPS it is possible to track all the drivers from their current location. The admin can use this feature to guide the drivers.
  • Fare Calculator : The smart fare estimator calculates the fare based on distance and time before booking for the trip. It takes care of all sorts of additional surcharge.
  • Accept/Reject Booking : The driver can accept or reject a request with just a single tap from his app.
  • Pubnub for Real-Time Tracking : The uber clone script uses pubnub for handling the server side traffic so that the app server is never down.

Some improvisation that would not do any harm

 The uber clone script from SOIBrandz is an excellent product. But as it seems change is inevitable for any successful software. By adding more functionalities and changing as per the demand of the time and industry will fine tune the product. And moreover as they say a little improvisation wouldn’t do any harm.

  • Wallet : Why it is important to have a wallet ? With the help of wallet it would be easier for the customer to go completely cashless. The customer can transfer the money from the bank account to the wallet by a secured payment gateway.
  • Surge Pricing : Sometimes the driver find it really hard to get motivated to pick a passenger from a place at the midst of heavy traffic. With the use of surge traffic feature the price is increased a little bit so that the driver will be motivated to pick the passenger from a heavy rush area.
  • Promo and Referral Codes : When you are running a big enterprise it is important to maintain a good relationship with the customer. Promo codes are like special discount coupons by applying which the customer can avail discounts. Similarly referral codes are used to avail certain offers by referring the product to friends and relatives.
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