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LOGICSPICE Uber Clone Script Review

The uber clone scripts are among the highly downloadable apps in the digital app store. The sudden increase in the demand for the taxi dispatch software is fuelled by the rise of global giants like Uber and Lyft.

uber clone script

Not only they have modernized the traditional way of business but they have also fulfilled every common man’s dream of commuting in a luxury vehicle. Now the question is what made Uber so much popular. The answer is the quality of service they offer to their customers is world class.

The software that powers millions of vehicles working for Uber is state of the art.

Most of the newcomers into the taxi booking business must know that in order to compete with already established tech giants like Uber or Lyft, your software should be as scalable and efficient as them. It takes a lot of experience and considerable effort in research and development to develop such a product.

There are many software vendors who are developing their own uber clone scripts. So a piece of advice to potential business owners, before purchasing an uber clone script to run your business you should look for the best alternative available in the market.

The inspiration behind LogicSpice and the making of their Uber Clone Script!

Founded by Manish Shrimal LogicSpice specializes in mobile and web development. They have a team of dedicated Android, iOS and PHP developers who are passionate in their quest for innovation. Their commitment to excellence is not only outstanding but second to none. The company has a team of SEO professional who understands marketing and is creating a lot of traffic to convert business owners into buyers. The company is endowed with a lot of certifications including ISO certification as well. The company is partner with some of the most notable companies including Microsoft among other.

How is their uber clone script different!

Every software is different from the other in certain unique features. Those features make the software distinguished. Let’s have a look at some of the cool stuff of the uber clone script from LogicSpice.

  • Wallet : Now it is possible to go completely cashless with the help of integrated wallet. The customer can transfer the money from his bank account to the wallet and later can use it to make the payment for the ride.
  • Trip History : All the details about the rides taken in the past are recorded and can be viewed by the passenger as well as the driver from their respective apps.
  • Live Routing : From the dispatcher panel the admin can route the nearest available driver to the passenger.
  • Ride Scheduling : The passenger can schedule a ride for the future right from the app.
  • Payment Gateway : With integrated Paypal gateway it is easier and secure to make the payments.
  • Help Menu : At the time of need there is a help menu where the rider can find all the necessary information about the app.
  • User Registration : The user registration is simple and effective.
  • Password Recovery : If a customer fails to keep track of his password the admin can generate a new password on demand with the help of password recovery feature given in the app.
  • Real Time Tracking : Real-time tracking is possible with help of GPS.
  • Accept/Reject Booking : This feature enables the driver to make himself available or unavailable to take a request.
  • Report Issue : There is a provision in the app where a customer can report any sort of issues.
  • Interactive Navigation : Google maps integrated into the app makes the navigation interactive.
  • Reporting and Analytics : Inbuilt reporting feature helps to generate all sorts of reports analyzing the past records. The analytic engine then processes the reports and makes it available in a nice graphical format.

Some features that are found to be missing!

Although the software is self-sufficient, yet there are certain features that are found to be missing. With the addition of these features, the app will be promoted to the next level and will be way ahead of its competitors.

  • Promo Codes : As a business owner why do you need a promo code? Sometimes your customers need to be rewarded for their loyalty. To achieve this, promotional event is conducted periodically where special coupons called promo codes are made available to redeem and get special discounts.
  • Offline Booking : At certain unusual circumstances the passenger might not be able to book the ride due to the unavailability of internet connection. With offline booking feature, a passenger can make a call to the customer care and let him book the ride. All the ride details like pickup location, trip fare etc are sent to the driver by the admin.
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