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TAXIAPPZ Uber Clone Script Review

There is hardly a person who is unaware of and has never used an uber clone script before. Many of us have been using the script for quite a long time without knowing that we have been addicted to this little piece of software.

uber clone script

Let it be commuting to the workspace or having a trip to our favorite hangout place, cabs have been our first choice. We feel cozy, safe and secured in the cabs. If you are one of those intellectual workers then probably one of the biggest concern for your booking a taxi is the peace of mind while commuting.

What made such a sudden rise in the cab dispatch companies? Well the answer is very simple. It is the flawed and unsafe mode of public transport present in several parts of the world’s most highly inhabited places. Then again catching a ride in the vehicle of our choice has never been so easy.

Partly the rise of multi billion dollar companies like Lyft and Uber have played a great role in this sudden uprising of private cab companies. Seeing the success of these companies many small enterprises and mid level business owners have decided to start a similar business of their own.

A higher rate of success with minimal investment and great returns have created such an upheaval in the growth rate of taxi dispatch companies.

What inspired TaxiAppz to come up with a Uber Clone Script?   

TaxiAppz specializes in taxi booking app development and have been in this domain for quite a long time. Their team of highly experienced and dedicated professionals are committed to provide the customer with some of the best services they are been looking for. The lack of a good taxi booking app have made them bring their own product into the market. Consistent innovation and customer satisfaction is the motto of the company. They have some of the distinguished clients in the market like Eco Taxi, Aero Taxi and Range Taxi.

How is their product different from that of the others?

Every product is different from the other in the unique features that it bundles along with it. Let’s have a look at the cool features that make TaxiAppz as one of the global leaders in the market.

  • Fully Accessible Source Code : TaxiAppz is probably the only company that gives full access to its source code to the customers before making a purchase. The customer can edit and integrate the features as he see fit.
  • Website Booking : The software comes with a single page interactive webpage with the backend support.
  • Native iOS and Android Support : The app comes with native iOS and Android version with client’s or customer’s company name branded.
  • Wallet : The wallet lets the customer to add money and gain loyalty points with every payment. The wallet is integrated with Braintree and Paypal.
  • Localization : The app has a provision for multiple currency, multiple languages and promo codes that gets auto adjusted to any part of the world.
  • Social Sharing and Ratings : Now a customer can create a profile with social media accounts and share ride experiences with family and friends on social media like Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook. The passenger can rate the driver and provide valuable feedback right from inside the app.
  • E-billing and Invoicing : An electronic bill is generated after the ride is complete and sent to the customer instantly.
  • Multiple Payment Options : It is possible to make the payment by cash, debit card and credit card.
  • On Demand Taxi Solution : The on demand taxi solution helps a customer to customize dispatch settings, driver permissions, app layout and other preferences.
  • Dispatcher Panel : The dispatcher panel comes with a plethora of options like tracking vehicles with an extensive google map. It also serves as a call center, the admin can make the booking for a customer and assign a nearby driver.
  • Flight Tracking for Airport Pickups : This is the most important feature of this app, that helps to track airport pickups with the help of flight timings.  
  • Cloud Based Solution : The entire automation is based on the cloud which has some advantages like unlimited storage and cutting-edge security.
  • Ride History : Both the passenger app and the driver app is equipped with ride history option. The ride history is essential for keeping track of the daily expenses and running simple analytics.
  • Favorite Places : The customer can mark some places as favorite and store them for future use.
  • Creating on the fly Jobs : The driver can create and assign jobs on the flow to fellow drivers from the driver app.
  • GPS Tracking and Factual Reports : The GPS Tracking helps to track the drivers as well as the pickup locations lie. It is also possible to generate factual reports from the admin panel date wise which is also useful to run some analytics in the future.

Some changes that wouldn’t do any harm!

Change is a natural phenomenon that helps to grow and prosper. That happens to great softwares too. Let’s have a look at some of the important features that are found to be missing from the uber clone script.

  • Airport Ride Sharing : Booking a ride to the airport at peak time is very difficult in metropolitan cities as the major cities are riddled with a hell of a lot of toll gates who charge cabs with a surcharge. The airport sharing feature will not only help the customer to book a taxi at the time of need but also the software takes care of all the additional surcharges and includes them in the fare.
  • Corporate Accounts : What happens when your business grows ? Most companies burrow resources from other small companies who are also known as affiliate partners. These partners or suppliers fund resources such as drivers or vehicles and get a commission from the company. As such the affiliate partners run their business through the mother company. Hence corporate accounts keep track of the additional resources.
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