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TECHWARE SOLUTION Uber Clone Script Review

What’s all this hype about Uber Clone Script? Now that the technology boom is at its peak every now and then we hear people talking about Uber and Lyft. Before continuing any further let’ know what exactly is an uber clone script. An uber clone script is a replica of the original uber taxi booking app.

uber clone script

Now that the taxi booking business is at its peak every business owner whether it is a massive conglomerate or a mid-level company is planning to enter the taxi dispatch business. The cab booking industry has grown into a multi-billion dollar trade. As this domain is high paying and lucrative a lot of companies are planning to venture into this field.

As a business owner, the most crucial thing that you should be worrying about is the quality and type of software that will fuel your business and take it into a whole new dimension. Let me remind again that the taxi dispatch business is cutthroat and highly competitive.

What inspired Techware Solutions to create Lataxi?

A quest for excellence and a thirst for ingenuity has made Techware Solutions to come up with a product that would rival even the best in the market. Techware Solutions is a pioneer in web and mobile application development and has delivered services to 2400 global customers across 25 countries. Some of their notable clientele include Thomson Trading Agencies, Zyva, Symega, Bridge and Synthite among others. Their team of highly experienced professionals is committed to serving their clients with unmatched expertise.

How is LATAXI different from other Uber Clone Scripts?

Let’s have a look at some of the cool features of Lataxi that makes it different from that of other similar products. Here we shall analyze each cool feature with the reason behind its existence into the bundle.

  • GPS Tracking : It is easy to keep a track on the driver’s location and the passenger’s pickup location right from the app with the help of GPS and Google Maps integrated into the app.
  • Trip Fare Estimation : The smart fare estimator calculates the fare efficiently at the end of the trip and a detailed analysis is presented on the screen. All sorts of overhead and surcharges are taken care by the fare estimator automatically.
  • Smart Analytics : The smart analytics feature integrated with the app helps the admin to perform periodic assessments on all sorts of verticals like returns on investment, booking statistics and so on.  
  • Ride History : Both the driver and the passenger can check the previous ride history right from the app itself.
  • Promo Codes : For a business owner to run some promotional events promo code feature is available. The customer can apply the promo codes and get certain discounts.  
  • Registration and Sign In : The customer can register with the help of social media accounts. The registration is very secured and user-friendly.
  • Profile Management : The driver and passenger details are securely maintained in the database for future use by the admin. At the time of registration, a form is available to fill which records all the details.  
  • Vehicle Types : It is possible to select desired vehicle type at the time of booking. The fare is automatically customized and adjusted.
  • Driver’s Document Management : All the documents supplied by the drivers are verified by the admin for any legal discrepancies.
  • Fully Customizable : The app is 100% customizable as per the demand of the client.
  • Ratings and Reviews : Feedback from the customers is very essential for a product-centric business. These feedbacks and ratings help in improving the product. There is a provision for ratings and reviews in the app.
  • Different Verticals : There are different kind of verticals for which the app is customizable. Some of these verticals are on demand app for Food Delivery and on-demand app for Tow Trucks among the few others.  

Few words from the Client!

“We are really impressed from their client interaction, constant communication, and hard work – Clint K John, Director Thomson Trading Agency

“High quality backend development and front-end design – Robert Kennedy, CEO Noburden

A little suggestion to improvise!

A software is very much like a human being. It has its own life cycle and it grows and replicates over time. Lataxi is loaded with lots of cool features but yet certain features and found to be lacking from the software. With little improvisation, Lataxi will be way ahead of its competitors. Let’s have a look at some of the things that can be added to the software.

  • Geofencing : What is the importance of geofencing?As a business owner it is required sometimes to target certain specific areas for business promotion. Geofencing is an imaginary geographic boundary which allows the business owner to run promotional events targetting specific cities.
  • Ride Sharing : What is the importance of Pooling ? Ride sharing or otherwise called as pooling is economic and also helps in utilising resources (in this case cabs) in a better way. In heavily populated metropolitan cities ride sharing could be a savior for daily commuters. For customers also it will be economic hence it is a win win situation for both.


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