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SAMSRIDE Uber Clone Script Review

Any successful business enterprise would certainly want to know the secrets of his rival companies to get ahead of them. Coming to the context of taxi booking business, it is an area where new companies are spawning every now and then and the weaker ones are slayed or eaten away by the stronger ones. The only chance of survival is getting hold of a better uber clone script.

uber clone script

Now, speaking of uber clone scripts, let us first understand what an uber clone script is. It is an exact replica of the original Uber taxi dispatch software. It has all the necessary features of the original software. Most of the features are actually inspired by the original software as put as it is.

But the real difference is in the customized version that is sold by a vendor. Hence, a piece of advice for potential business owners, know every detail of the software feature by feature before making a purchase.

What inspired SAMSRIDE to make FLEETTA

Samsride is a US-based company that specializes in various verticals of an on-demand fleet management system. They specialize in making fleet management software for taxi, limo, shuttle and a lot more. Their field of expertise and domain knowledge makes them one of the topmost contenders in this field. FleettA was designed to provide the most scalable and flexible alternative to the companies that are planning to start an Uber-like business.

What makes FLEETTA different?

Every software vendor tries to make something different in their software. The reason is to survive the fiery competition. A lot of companies have emerged to make a software that could power millions of taxis around the globe. Let’s explore some of the essential features of FleettA.

  • PCI Compliant Payment System : The payment system is fully PCI compliant. While a customer makes a payment through credit card, none of the information entered is stored in the app server.
  • Real-Time Tracking : FlettA is integrated with google maps for real-time navigation and tracking.
  • SMS Alert : During the course of time the passenger gets notifications as SMS alerts.
  • Pricing Model : FleettA supports both the flat pricing and dynamic pricing model. The admin can assign a flat price, or the price is dynamically calculated based on distance and time.
  • Auto Payment and Invoice : Once the trip is complete payment is automatically made from the customer’s account and the invoice is generated.
  • Rating : Both the passenger and the driver can rate each other on the app.
  • Promo Code : If the business owner wants to run promotional campaigns, there is a provision for promo codes. These codes can be applied by the customer to avail free rides and special discounts.
  • Ride History : All the scheduled rides are beautifully maintained under the ride history section for future reference.
  • Cross Platform : The app is available for both Android and iOS platform.
  • Vehicle Selection : There are a lot of options for the passenger to choose his vehicle from the available pool of vehicles.
  • Reports : Reports are generated in CSV format for the management.
  • Surge Pricing : At the time of heavy demand, the base fare is slightly increased with the surge pricing feature in the app.
  • On/Off Duty : The driver can make himself available or unavailable by a single button on the app.
  • Cloud Based System : The system is fully cloud-based and highly scalable.
  • Sophisticated Admin Panel : The admin panel has all sorts of vehicular management options.
  • Smart Dispatcher : There is a full support for manual as well as automatic dispatch.
  • Customizable UI : The UI can be easily customized as per the client’s need.

What else could be added?

Every software needs to get revised periodically based on the client request and the increasing trend in the industry. The more the software gets adapted, the more popular it becomes. Fletta on-demand taxi booking system is a remarkable software. But some essentials features are found to be missing from the software. Let’s discuss what could be possibly added to make this software even more adorable among potential buyers.

  • Call Center Management : As the taxi dispatch business is one of the most customer-centric businesses in the world, there is a always a need for a call center management feature. When the customer needs any kind of support it can be suddenly met with a single call to the customer support executive.  
  • Corporate Accounts : When a business grows there comes always a need for additional personnel. There should be a provision to record all the details of these personnel. With the help of corporate accounts, it is possible to keep a record of all the hired personnel.
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