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GAZOOP Taxi Dispatch Software Review

Uber clone scripts have been surprising us every freaking day. Yes, these are the software that powers millions of taxis around the world. Their namesake, the original Uber taxi dispatch software is a modern day wonder.

uber clone script

It is impossible to imagine a day in our life without this software. The reason is they have made our lives a hell of a lot simpler and cozier. A few years back the situation was somewhat different. There was not enough supply of cabs in the cities, and hailing a taxi was a luxury for the rich.

With the emergence of Uber, the situation changed. A lot of small and mid-size companies are following the trail of Uber and trying their fate in taxi booking business. But the only thing that will change the destiny of these companies is an uber clone script. A scalable and state of the art software will change the course of competition entirely.

A brief history of GAZOOP

Gazoop which was formerly iWebCab is a US and UK based company that offers high-quality cloud-based taxi dispatch software. Gazoop is a leader in the fleet management system. Their support and commitment to the work are exemplary and out of the market. They have some of the most highly qualified professionals who have years of experience behind them. With a mission for innovation and a promise to make the world a better place, Gazoop has the distinction of having some of the most notable companies as it’s clientele.

What makes the Taxi Dispatch software from GAZOOP unique?

Speaking of uniqueness, the key to success in this cutthroat world of business is to be different. The only way a software can be different is by introducing some cool features that are very rare to find among other software. Having said much, let’s take a look at some of the essential features of the taxi dispatch software from Gazoop.

  • Live Tracking : There are different privilege levels for different users. Customers can check where their ride is, drivers can see each other and the admin can see them all.
  • Accurate Estimates : Gazoop uses GPS to convey accurate arrival times, distances and ride fares.
  • Automatic Guidance : With the help of Google Maps, WAZE, Apple Maps the drivers are provided with the best navigation guidance and optimized job allocation.
  • Change Release Time : It is possible to manually allocate the particular job to a driver and change the release time.
  • Vital Statistics : The admin can run all sorts of analytics periodically to gauge the system performance like mileage reports and booking performance.
  • Business Rules : It is possible to create specific rules for specific customers, zones, and any other scenario.
  • Set Rates : The admin can set the fares, charges and additional expenses based on the present scenario or as he sees fit.
  • Zone Control : It is possible to create as many zones as possible and assign specific rules to them.
  • Flight Schedules : With this app, the passenger can book a flight to the airport. All other features like tracking and searching for a flight, locating the timing for a flight, airport flight table management etc is taken care by the software.
  • SMS : Both the drivers and the passengers are notified with SMS notifications.
  • Call Center : The app comes with a dedicated call center support. The support team is present 24X7 to help the customer any time.
  • Database : The developers have taken all kind of efforts to maintain a comprehensive database of places and locations around the world. The database also records the pickup locations of all the customers.
  • PCI Compliant : The app is fully PCI compliant. All the card details during a transaction are not stored on the app server but it is directly send to the payment gateway.
  • Cloud Deployment : The app is fully ready to be deployed in the cloud.
  • Corporate Website : If the client is looking for a corporate website, then it is easily available and comes in bundled.
  • Ticket Support : The client will receive a free email address, by the help of which the customers can send and receive emails with free registration.
  • Unlimited Dispatchers : The client can add as many dispatchers or admins as possible.
  • Multiple Payment Modes : The customer can make the payment by credit card or Paypal.
  • Promo Codes : At the time of corporate promotional events the client can make use of promo codes.

What else could be added?  

Before coming to the context, let me just ask a simple question. Why do you need to modify and enhance a software? Well, the answer that obviously comes to our mind is changing and adapting as per the need of the time. The more the software adapts itself, the more scalable and flexible it becomes. At the end, every company needs to satisfy the wants of his clients. So customization is a part of software development lifecycle. Let’s take a look at those features that were found to be missing and would make a wonderful addition to the software.

  • Corporate Accounts : The corporate account feature helps to keep track of all the additional personnel that is hired by the company. Sometimes when the business expands, there becomes a necessity for additional resources or personnel. With a corporate account feature, it will be easier for the admin to keep track of all the additional personnel.
  • Airport Ride Sharing : As we all know that booking a ride to the airport, let alone sharing, is very difficult in metropolitan cities. Not only that in most of the cities, there are a lot of toll booths on the way to the airport. As a result of which the customer is delayed and is bothered with extra charges. By an integrated airport ride sharing feature the customer can not only have a hassle free ride but also can schedule a ride and share the ride with a fellow passenger.
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