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FUTURE QUEST WIRELESS Inc. Taxi Dispatch Software Review

Every time I shoot open my phone and open the app store, it is the list of most downloadable apps that catches my attention. The taxi dispatch software from Uber/Lyft and similar types which are also called uber clone scripts are among the most downloadable ones on the Play store and App store.

uber clone script

Ever wonder why these uber clone scripts have made it to the top of the most downloadable software. The answer itself raises one more question, how often do you commute in a cab? Well, if you are from a cosmopolitan city the answer will be, very frequent. That is the impact of Uber in the recent times.

The sudden popularity of Uber exceeds that of Facebook and Google combined. Being a customer-centric company it has touched and refined the lives of millions around the globe. Now, even a common man can dream of commuting in his favorite luxury vehicle. As the taxi dispatch business has proved to be very lucrative a lot of companies are stepping into the shoes of Uber.

The only thing that will help in getting ahead of all the competitors is the software that will power your taxis also called the uber clone script.

A brief history of FUTURE QUEST Wireless Inc.

Future Quest Wireless Inc. is a Canadian software development company that has been in the industry for 17 years. The company specializes exclusively in design, distribution, and support of workforce solutions that includes vehicle tracking systems, fleet management systems and passenger transportation dispatch systems. Over the years as there has been a heavy demand of uber clone scripts among the enterprises that have just planned to launch a taxi dispatch business of their own, FQ Wireless has decided to come up with an innovative product of their own.

What makes TAXI COMMANDER different from others?

There are various features that make Taxi Commander one of the best in the industry. Let’s explore each feature one by one emphasizing on the need and the usage of each one of them.

  • Reservation History : A detailed history of all the trips made is recorded in the app itself.
  • Auto Trip Zoning : The software divides a city into various geographical zones as set by the admin. When a taxi enters a particular zone the software detects it.
  • Multiple Pricing Types : The software is available in multiple versions. Depending upon the requirement and usage of the client, he can choose the appropriate software for his business
  • Multiple Trip Priorities : There are multiple trip priorities configured in the app. According to convenience and need the customer can avail the type of trip he wants to.
  • Hybrid Zone / GPS Dispatch : The software is programmed in such a way that the vehicles are dispatched based on the availability in certain zones or within nearest GPS location.
  • Driver Trip / Zone Display : On the driver app the particular and the respective trip is nicely displayed.
  • Taxi Meter Integration : There is an integrated taxi meter within the app.
  • Auto Address Lookup : With this feature, the customer can search for a particular address within a city. The smart lookup feature throws in automatic suggestion based on certain keywords.
  • Payment Processing : There is a provision to make the payment from the app itself, all the customer has to do is provide the card details and the rest is taken care by the gateway.
  • Loyalty Programmes : Sometimes to reward most valuable customers, the company runs special loyalty programmes. In such case coupons are available to redeem at the time of taking a ride.
  • Website Booking : There is a dedicated website available, where a customer can create an account and book a ride. It is also possible to see all the details of the previous rides taken from the website.
  • IVR Voice Integration : With interactive voice response technology, it is easier to secure the call made by the passenger.
  • Ride Sharing : It is also possible to share the ride with fellow passengers at a discounted fare.
  • Two-way Messaging : Both the driver and the passenger can communicate with two-way interactive messaging system.
  • Price and Mileage Estimation : The app comes with an integrated fare and mileage estimator.
  • Zero Footprint Install : As the application is fully cloud-based it is easier to access the software from anywhere and from any device.

What are the clients saying?

“We have been with Future Quest for 13 years now and it’s hard to overstate how reliable they have been as our dispatch providers – Garri Parhar, GM Future Resort Cabs

“We have seen measurable improvements in customer service – Ms. Leslie Cruz, GM Rite Way Carpet

What else could be added?

Taxi Commander is a fine software, but as the time passes by it needs to get adapted to the current demands of the time. With only a little improvisation, and an addition of few features the software could beat all its rivals in the market. Let’s take a look at some of the features that could be added to the software.

  • Integrated Reports and Analytics : What is the use of Integrated Analytics? How will Report generation help? Analytics is one of the coolest endeavors in recent times. By the use of simple statistics and past records, it is easier to predict a lot of things. Reports are used for maintenance and bookkeeping. A detailed summary is what an organization needs at crucial times.   
  • Surge Pricing : Surge pricing is used to provide a little incentive and motivate the drivers at rush hours to attend a customer in need. There are times of natural disasters like rainfall, curfews, and strikes when a driver needs to be motivated enough to attend a passenger.
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