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BINARY SEMANTICS Taxi Dispatch Software Review

Commuting has become an essential part of our busy schedule. Every day we spend few hours in a cab or a taxi. For people belonging to metropolitan cities, traveling in a cab was not that affordable and available a few years down the lane. It is only because of the emergence of companies like Uber that even a common man can now dream of hiring a luxury cab.

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The rise of taxi dispatch companies is nothing but a modern-day marvel. It is the dedication and commitment of these companies that are making the world a better place. Investing billions of dollars in research and development they have been consistent in bringing a better product to the market.

It is the uber clone script that is the context of this article. The uber clone script is an exact replica of the original Uber taxi dispatch software. The uber clone scripts have all the necessary features and functionalities of the original software.

What inspired Binary Semantics to make FLEET ROBO?

Binary Semantics is a Gurgaon based software company established in 1986, that specializes in fleet management software, IOT, and analytics. They operate in multiple industries like retail, manufacturing, insurance, education, travel and hospitality. The company also offers services for website design and development, SEO marketing and ecommerce among others. The need for an efficient taxi management system has inspired the company to come up with a software of their own.

What makes FLEET ROBO unique?

Apart from all the essential features, every taxi dispatch system comes with some unique functionality that makes it different from that of the others. As there is a growing demand for a quality software and a heavy competition in the market it is very important to know a product feature by feature before making a purchase. Let’s discover some of the cool features of Fleet Robo Taxi management system.

  • FDT Terminal : Each vehicle is equipped with a fleet data terminal with safe and easy navigation.
  • Geofencing : With integrated geofencing feature it is easier to target certain parts of the city for running promotional events.
  • Auto Dispatch : The software has full support for automatic vehicle dispatch at the time of need.
  • Web Portal : There is a dedicated binary web portal from where a customer can login and make the booking.
  • SMS Notification : The customer is notified periodically by SMS notifications during the course of the ride.
  • Route Optimization : The software is designed with algorithms that are capable of automatic route optimization.
  • Real-time Tracking : With the help of google maps and GPS real-time tracking is not a problem.
  • 24X7 Support : A dedicated support team is there to provide any sort of support 24X7
  • IVR : Call routing is done with the help of interactive voice response embedded with the software.
  • Intelligent Business Rules : The automatic dispatcher comes with all sorts of intelligent business rules.
  • Breakdown Alert : In case of any breakdown an alert is generated and the admin takes care of all the details.
  • Panic Button : The passenger app comes with a panic button. In case of emergency situations the admin contacts the respective person.
  • Automatic Reinforcement : A notification is automatically generated at the time of emergency and automatically reinforcements can be arranged and made available.
  • Ignition Status Report : There driver app is equipped with a feature that shows ignition status report.
  • Driver Record Keeping : There is a provision to maintain all the records like profile management and earnings right into the app.
  • In-vehicle Thermal Printer: Every vehicle comes with a thermal printer for generating the invoice and receipts for the customer after the trip is complete.

What else could have been added?

Every software needs to get fine-tuned over time. A constant change and adaptation to new features increase the scalability of the software. Although Fleet Robo is one of its kind software there are certain features that are found to be missing from it. Let’s have a look at some of the features that are found to be missing or would make a good addition to the software.

  • Ride Sharing : Pooling makes the ride economic for the customers as the fare gets divided among the riders. In a country where there are a lot of people commuting every day, and there are not sufficient cabs available ride sharing is a life savior.
  • Trip History : Sometimes it becomes very useful to record the details of the past trips. A customer can know the change in the price of the fare over a period of time by going through these records.
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