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SHERLOCK TAXI Uber Clone Script Review

If you are impressed with the popularity and success of the taxi dispatch companies and want to make millions by following their trail, this article is just for you. First of all, you need to know that the most important factor contributing to the overnight success of these big conglomerates is their state of the art software.

uber clone script

These software are also called as uber clone scripts as they are the exact replica of the original software. Now, as a company newly entering the cutthroat world of taxi business it is very important to get hold of a software that will keep you ahead of others.

With the scarcity and heavy demand for quality uber clone scripts, a lot of software companies have started making their own product. Hence it is important to know each and every feature of the software that you are planning to buy.

A brief history of Sherlock Taxi

Sherlock Taxi was developed by Haulmont Technology by one of its co-founders Paul Lacey. Prior to founding Haulmont, Paul was working as a project lead at Addison Lee, where he revolutionized their taxi dispatch software in early 2000. In 2011 a team from Haulmont began working on Sherlock Taxi as a sister solution to Addison Lee’s Shamrock system. Today Haulmont Technologies employs more than 250 staff members in its offices at UK and Moscow.

What makes the Taxi Dispatch software from Sherlock Taxi unique?

As the taxi dispatch software market is highly competitive one it is important to know the product feature by feature before making a purchase. Let’s take a look at all the important features of the software from Sherlock Taxi.

  • Advanced UI : The user interface is very soothing and attractive. The designers of Sherlock Taxi has taken a lot of effort in making the interface as intuitive as possible.
  • Fully Customizable : The app is fully customizable as per the requirement of the client.
  • Call Center Booking : A customer can book a ride by simply making a call. The call center executive takes care of the rest. All the necessary details like pick up location, drop location and passenger details are sent to the driver by the call center executive.
  • Dynamic ETA : The app is fully supported by state of the art navigation system. With integrated Google Maps and GPS it is possible to calculate the ETA dynamically based on the distance.
  • Intelligent Dispatch Controller : The dispatch controller takes care of all the necessary tasks when it comes to automatic dispatch.
  • Client Invoice with Payment History : After the trip is complete an invoice is automatically generated and available for the passenger. The customer can see the details of all the payments and bookings done right from the day one, as it is beautifully maintained in the app.
  • Driver Earnings : The driver can have a complete overview of his earnings right from the app.
  • Customer Booking Website : A dedicated website is available for the customer to make the booking. Apart from booking a ride other details like trip history and payment history can also be seen from the website.

What does the client’s have to say?

“Haulmont has been integral to supporting Addison Lee’s sustained growth over the last four years – Liam Griffin, Vice Chairman ADDISON LEE

“Sherlock is the foundation of LECAB’s instant success and on-going expansion – Benjamin Cardoso, CEO LECAB

“We decided on Sherlock for its simplicity, modern approach and possibility to evolve – Raja Kurban, CEO ALLOTAXI

What else could be added?   

One of the necessary components of a software development lifecycle is the ability to evolve. The evolution is largely supported by change and the change is fuelled by addition or removal of certain features. Let’s take a look at some of the features that would make a nice addition to the software.

  • Wallet : Now that the world is going with a cashless mode of payment, it would be a smart decision to provide an integrated wallet. Now, all the customer has to do is transfer the money to the wallet and make the payment. If the customer chooses the wallet mode of payment then the money gets automatically deducted every time the customer books a ride as long as there are sufficient funds.
  • Pooling : Ride sharing or pooling is useful for providing an economic mode of transport to the customers. By sharing the ride the fare gets reduced and there is also a chance that a number of passengers could be served. So it is a win-win for both the company and the customers.
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