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QUP Uber Clone Script Review

Busy in our daily activities we never actually took time to think what would have happened if there were no uber clone scripts available. Most of the people don’t bother to waste time in driving themselves to their workplace every day.

uber clone script

They just let the cabby do the hard work for them, while they concentrate on other important stuff. Just a few years down the lane this was not possible. There was a shortage of cabs and those that were available were too costly to afford.

By early 2010, the world witnessed something strange. Companies like Uber were suddenly coming into existence and the market was gradually changing. Soon Uber managed to create a multi-billion dollar global conglomerate.

Getting inspired by the success of Uber other companies soon started following the trail. Then came the sudden demand for uber clone scripts. Many companies started building their own custom-made uber clone apps.

What makes the Uber Clone Script from QUP different?

All the clones that are available in the market only differ by some features. For a potential business owner looking to start a Uber like business, it is very important to know the software feature by feature that they are planning to purchase. In this segment we shall see what makes the Uber clone script from QUP different from its peers. We shall analyze each feature focussing on its importance and application.

  • Fully Cloud Based Dispatch System : The dispatching system is state of the art. It is completely hosted in the cloud. One of the biggest advantages of the cloud-based delivery system is fault tolerance. Apart from that, the system is completely scalable.
  • Business Analytics : The software is backed by powerful analytics and reporting tools. It makes the work of business manager a hell of a lot easier.
  • Phone Call Support : The customer can contact the support center anytime in case of any emergencies. The management will reach out to the customer by phone.
  • Online Portal : The system comes along with a dedicated web portal  Now apart from the app the customer can book a taxi from the website. Apart from booking a ride, the customer can also track the ride.
  • Company Branding : The designers have ensured that the software can be completely customized and blended as per the requirement of the client. Along with that it also supports company branding.
  • On Demand Pickup : This is quite an interesting feature. It is possible to pick customers from restaurants, airports, bars and corporates on demand. This is quite useful and revolutionary feature.
  • Command Center : The command center is supported with a dashboard and an admin panel. The admin can configure all the settings from this panel.
  • Live-tracking and Navigation : With integrated Google Maps and GPS, the app gives the user real-time tracking experience.
  • Invoice : The passenger and driver apps are fully supported with automatic invoice generation.
  • Vehicle Types :  The customer can choose his favorite vehicle from the pool of vehicles available.
  • Rating : The passenger can rate the driver that helps in establishing the credibility of the driver at the time of giving bonus and incentives.

What are the customers saying?

“If only I had found it sooner! We are so much excited about using the QUP dispatch system in our fleet operations – Fred Sadeghi, Founder & President Transtyle Inc.

“QUP dispatching system is awesome. It consistently exceeds my expectations as a trusted vendor – Jason Guanzon, CEO Ecorides Inc.

What else could be added?

The on-demand taxi dispatch system from QUP is one of its kind. But as the market for uber clone scripts is highly competitive and fastest changing, the software needs to keep pace with the changing time. There are some essential features that were found to be missing from the software. Let’s have a look at some of the features that would make a wonderful addition to the software.

  • Surge Pricing : Surge pricing is very essential, as a company needs to motivate the driver partners to take the extra mile in attending a customer in need. The slight increase in base fare acts as an incentive for the driver. At critical situations like rush hour, nighttime ride and natural calamities surge pricing can be configured by the admin.
  • Ride Sharing : Ride sharing or pooling helps in giving an affordable ride to the customers. As the ride is shared among fellow passengers the price gets reduced and distributed accordingly, so it is a win-win situation for both the company and the customer.
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