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TAXI HUB Uber Clone Script Review

Every business enterprise planning to enter into the competitive taxi dispatch business, the first thing they start looking for is an uber clone script. An uber clone script is an exact copy of the original uber taxi dispatch software. It is the software that is used by millions of passengers and drivers around the world for commuting.

uber clone script

An uber clone script has most of the essential features of the original software with a little enhancement as per the request of the client. The software comes in two categories, one that is used by the passenger is called the passenger app and the other that is used by the driver is called the driver app.

The popularity and accessibility of the uber clone scripts make it one of the most downloaded software on the app store. Now speaking of variety, there are a lot of vendors that are making uber clone scripts with little or very minute changes. Hence it would be wise to know the software feature by feature.

What inspired TAXI HUB to make an Uber Clone Script?

Taxi Hub is a UK based company that specializes in on-demand taxi booking application. They have a team of highly experienced professionals who are into this domain for quite a long time. The scarcity of a quality taxi dispatch software has made the company to take the initiative to bring a better product to the market. Their group of experts has a good understanding of the customer’s requirements and they take every minute details to make the product cater the needs of the customer.

What makes the Uber Clone Script from Taxi Hub different?

Getting hold of an uber clone script is not a difficult task as there are a lot of alternatives available in the market, but what’s difficult is getting a software that has all the stuff that you are looking for or planning to implement. Let’s have a look at some of the essential features of Taxi Hub that makes it different from others.

  • Cloud Based Solution : The company has hosted the system on Amazon Web Services to provide a scalable and fault tolerant solution to the customers.
  • Web Widget : It is possible to get job inquiries and bookings directly from the customers, by integrating Taxi Hub web forms into your website or social media pages.
  • Multi Screen Compatible : The desktop suite can be set up on a single screen or multiple screens depending on the need of the hour.   
  • Zones and Zone Tariffing : Now a customer can easily configure the zones and tariffs accordingly, with a single tap.
  • Highly Customizable : The developers can customize the software as per the requirement of the client.
  • Cross Platform : The software is available for both Android and iOS platform.
  • Internationalization : The software is auto-configured to be used in any country, time zone, and currency. This makes it truly global.
  • Report/Invoice Generator : It is easy to generate an invoice and produce the reports in a printable format for business operations.
  • Payment Gateway : The customer can make the payment with the card and the gateway takes care of the security and authentication.
  • Ongoing Support : The support team is there to help out the customer round the clock.
  • Real-time Tracking : With integrated GPS it is easier to track the vehicles real time.
  • On Street Hailing : There is also a provision for taking a passenger onboard from the street if it permits.
  • Intelligent Search : There are auto suggestion and auto-completion feature that helps a customer to pick and location his desired destination.
  • SOS Button : In case of any emergency the customer can push the SOS button and the admin or the concerned personnel gets in touch with the customer and helps him out.
  • VOIP Connectivity : All the calls are VOIP enabled for enhanced security.

What else could be added?

The uber clone script from Taxi Hub is a complete software in all aspect, but there are certain essential features that are found to be missing from the software. With the addition of these features, the uber clone script from Taxi Hub will be able to reach a greater segment of business owners who are actually looking for a unique software.

  • Surge Pricing : With surge pricing added, it would be easier to motivate a driver, at the time of desperate needs to go and attend a customer. This additional increase in price will serve as an incentive to the driver.
  • Promo & Referral Codes : While you are running a customer-centric business it is important to reward your loyal customers periodically. Promo codes are nothing but special coupons that can be applied to get a free ride or some concession. Similarly, the customer can refer his friends and relatives with a referral code and avail special discounts.
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