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How to Include Food Delivery on Your Ride-hailing Service App?

Many ride-hailing start-ups raise the question, Can food delivery feature be a helpful addition to a Ride-Hailing app like Uber? How to build up an effective service for food delivery? How should the flow be?

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We will be answering all these questions in this blog by analyzing the requirements of running a Food Delivery service through your ride-hailing business app.

Doing the Feasibility Study

It is important to do a financial and operational feasibility study before you choose to go ahead with a food delivery service. For starters, the following questions can help.

  • How much does it cost to build the app?
  • Which programming solutions are required for the food delivery service?
  • How to organize work and collaborate with restaurants and delivery guys?
  • Which tools can help promote and increase customer loyalty?
  • What are the risks and the countermeasures for your food delivery business?

Finding answers to the above questions and devising a business plan based on the following business flow will help you include Food Delivery in Your Ride-hailing Service App successfully.

Food Delivery Business like UberEats

Business Flow for Food Delivery

The quality of your mobile app only measures up to 20% of the success of your food delivery business. The real stakes lie in the quality of delivery, customer support, timely resolutions, quality of food (which depends on the restaurants you associate with), and other important factors.

Here is the business flow of service providers similar to UberEats that have had the sweet taste of success in a short time.

  1. Setting up a website and mobile app (for Android and iOS)
  2. Setting up a Mobile app for Delivery Boys with GPS tracking
  3. Getting an OTP to feature embedded in the app to confirm delivery to the right customer (for both the customer and the Delivery person)
  4. Include Administrative panel for service operators and Restaurants to accept orders and update status
  5. Incorporate a customer support feature that operates round-the-clock to respond to customer queries and grievances
  6. Addition of the Order update, cancellation, tracking, new order confirmation features to the app and testing their functionality
  7. Payment options and payment processing through payment gateway integration into the app
  8. Post-delivery confirmation from the customer
  9. A System to monitor and maintain cash collection from delivery personnel
  10. Customer Feedback management

Collaborating with the Right Partners

Order Food Online
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You have to approach the right food-outlets like restaurants, cafés, and fast food joints to be the service provider on your platform. Assessing the quality of food and services of these collaborators is important to take a call.

Delivery Personnel

You need to pick the right guys to deliver the food to your customers. Efficient, responsible, and well-behaved delivery persons with flexible duty timings need to be engaged in your business to avoid customer complaints. You must ensure that they are not put under the company’s payroll and that they receive a per-successful-delivery rate payment.

Important Features for a Food Delivery Option on Your Ride-hailing Service App 

Online Food Delivery
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  • Fast Download Speed
  • Navigation Simplicity
  • Adaptive layout
  • Accuracy of your location-based feature
  • Display of approximate delivery time and the cost
  • Easy signup and order feature with more options
  • Flexible and Safe Payment Options, including COD
  • Special features for users to place orders like recommendations based on previous orders, new restaurant recommendations, updates on menu additions, update on discounts, interest-based display of information, alternative food recommendations, palate-based modifications, add-ons, special instructions textbox, etc.
  • No minimum order restrictions
  • Any peak hour extra charges can be informed to the client before confirming the order
  • Bonus for regular customers or discount coupons
  • The referral bonus for customers
  • Order updates, newsletters, and Notifications to customers and Delivery partners

Setting up Your App for Service Providers (Restaurants)

By providing a delivery service, you can help restaurants that do not have their delivery service reach out to customers.

The Admin panel must have the following:

  • Facility to make information edits (logo, name, address, telephone, and others)
  • Adding or editing a restaurant menu
  • Order information through SMS and E-mails (order receipt, payment, delivery process)
  • Completed orders report, profit summary
  • Sales volume through delivered orders

Setting up Your App for Delivery Partners

  • Option for delivery personnel to choose the time and duration of their availability
  • Notifications about new orders
  • Electronic map and satellite navigation with a detailed route
  • Information about order payment: paid by card (by bonuses), payment to a deliver guy (sum)
  • Order comments: contact phone number of the ordering client, place of delivery (office doorstep, flat, at the entrance to the building), additional requests and wishes
  • Operating statistics of a delivery guy: statuses, orders completed, bonuses, financial statement
  • Connection with the service operator from the app

Implement the Important Modules


  • Layout
  • User interface
  • Testing

Registration and work with users

  • Registration/authorization via email
  • Login/logout of the user
  • Authorization via social media
  • Registration/authorization via the phone number
  • Profile editing
  • Ratings and reviews

Geolocation and Service Coverage

  • Geolocation integration
  • Creating a route
  • Monitoring of the delivery guy movements


  • Integration with payment gateway
  • Attachment and verification of the map
  • Prices and order cost


  • GoogleAnalytics
  • Performance and Order Analysis

Communication and Notifications

  • Рush notifications
  • SMS integration

Networking capabilities

  • Invitation of friends via social media
  • Latest orders and restaurant reviews
  • Direct call from the app to the delivery partner

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