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Must-Have Features for Your GoJek-like Ride-hailing App

Since its establishment in 2010, GoJek has been creating waves in the on-demand transportation and ride-hailing services space. The key reason why the GoJek app has received rave reviews and has set high standards for GoJek clone apps is its distinct features list that seamlessly and efficiently connects drivers and riders every day.


If you are running a GoJek-like transport business that specializes in taxi booking, motorcycle riding, food and package delivery services, and logistics, then this blog will help you understand how your GoJek-like ride-hailing app features must be planned in the initial stages so that your business app becomes the customers’ go-to platform for rides. Remember, this means that your app should have multiple services integration in one place.

Here the salient features that will guarantee the success of your GoJek-like ride-hailing services app.


Features of Ride-hailing services app
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An Efficient Open Source Product

In a world dominated by Uber and Uber-like apps, Go-Jek single-handedly gained quick popularity. The credit goes to its free open source app. A well-maintained and regularly updated software means that customers can easily download and use it regularly for their on-demand needs. Features like simultaneous multiple request handling, multi-stream processing, automated responses, analysis, auto-configuration, and quick optimization need to be incorporated by the development team to make your GoJek clone app more viable in the market.


GoJek Clone App Features
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Multiple Solutions in a Single App

Maintaining multiple apps for different services will mean downloading different apps, switching between screens, and overheads. If you plan to offer multiple services in addition to ride-hailing like delivery and logistics, carpooling, bike riding, etc., then, it would be ideal to have all the services listed in a single app. Toggling between multiple screens can be irksome for customers and multiple request tracking creates a major hassle.

Even a feature to book multiple rides to different destinations and tracking them simultaneously will be a major value addition to your ride-hailing application. In your multi-services app, you can introduce resource reuse where a driver, is assigned more than one service like dropping off a package en route a customer’s location or dropping off another customer on the way.


Distinct Safety Features

A customers’ Safety first, the business next approach will always keep you on top of your customers’ favorite list. While inspiring innovation, your ride-hailing business app should include must-have features like a one-click emergency or SOS button that works as a speed dial to contact your distress or Emergency unit at any time of the day, especially the wee hours. A location identification feature must be able to identify the emergency location so that the nearest help can reach out immediately.


safety features of ride-hailing app
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A share trip feature on your app must be incorporated so that, the relatives or registered emergency contact person of the customer is apprised of the details of the customer’s ride through SMS or Whatsapp. Details like Pickup and Drop locations, driver and vehicle information, ride status & ETA, and the real-time route taken by the driver needs to be sent.

Passenger insurance coverage is another safety assurance feature that needs to be included in your ride-hailing app. Most importantly, these app features must be available in remote areas of the city or town that you operate in.


Key User App Features

Customers look for a convenient and functional app when it comes to taking ride-hailing services. Here are some of the user app features that customers pay attention to.


a.     User Profile

Users must be able to add/delete/update their name, address, payment method, and contact information quickly.


b.     Pick up and Drop Location Change

While selecting a pickup location or changing the destination point, users must be able to provide the exact point without hassles and quickly even after the ride has been confirmed.


c.      Easy App Navigation

The users must be able to toggle between different service screens at a time or track/access multiple rides at the same time. They must also be able to change preferences or options on-the-go.


d.     Multiple Payment Methods

Your ride-hailing app must provide multiple payment options like debit card, credit card, cash, postpaid, prepaid, UPI, etc. Additionally, the customer must be able to set a different payment method preference for different rides on the same app. A reliable payment gateway must be integrated into the app to enable access to multiple payment channels.


e.     Quick Ride Replacement

When a driver cancels a ride for a customer, your app must automatically assign an alternative ride for the customer instead of the customer booking a new ride. This feature is not currently enabled by Uber and other leading ride-hailing businesses on their apps and can be a great vantage point for your business if included to your GoJek clone app features.


The features listed above reflect the expectations that modern-day customers have with competent ride-hailing business apps today. We certainly hope that these will be featured on your ride-hailing business app soon to enhance the performance and the quality of your app.

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