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Geeknavi Car Rental Software Review

Geeknavi offers , an on-demand taxi application that has made the commutation factor easier for the end-users, and the app is easily accessible for the cab drivers. The software offers an easy to manage dashboard for the administrators or the owners to apply settings with just few clicks and to operate the software, you require no technical experience.
This 8-month old company has created the Uber clone app that has all the basic features that any normal taxi application software has. It supports any device with iOS8+.

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Geeknavi review

    • Their Uber app clone, you can create your own navigation type service in just minutes
    • They have used standard coding methods optimized for all the devices and the code is further easily customizable
    • One can have a look at the demo version of the app to understand the user-friendliness, the functionality, design or the interface of the app
    • The app has been developed in such a manner that you can set it up either manually or automatically.


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Car rental software FAQs

      • Is the Android/iOS app connected to the same backend/dashboard?

Yes, it is.

      • How can I test the driver mode?

In order to test the driver mode, you must apply through the app by navigating to “Apply to Drive”. Once your application has been submitted, please send us an email at so we can approve it for you.

      • How does it work?

Take a look at the short video demo to understand the functioning of the app and its design and user-friendliness.

      • When will the Android version be released?

The Android application is expected to be released during the first quarter of 2017.

      • Can I change the language?

A localized string file allows to set the language in the app.

      • Is it possible to add or change any of the features?

Yes, it is and some additional fee will be charged for this.

      • Am I able to re-skin and publish the application?

Just with few tweaking, re-skin and publish the app and have access to all the app’s icons for further editions, if required.

      • What payment processor is being used for the taxi dispatch software?

The Stripe integration allows to automatically send a receipt to your users containing the ride identifier specific to that trip.

      • How will I pay my drivers?

Unfortunately, automatic payment option doesn’t exist for now but the dashboard allows you to release the payment of your driver based on few parameters.

      • Will it work in my country?

The option for your users to “Login with Phone number” is being operated by Twilio. However, if your country is not listed, you could simply disable this option and allow the users to login with Facebook only.

The boon

      • You get a complete infrastructure ready where you are ready to launch your own Uber app clone successfully via the dashboard. It’s just a plug-in-play experience
      • They have Stripe integrated as the primary payment method for the taxi app
      • They claim to be the first & only Uber App Clone solution on the market that allows you to make a wise buying decision by letting you practically trying out the customized app
      • Their car rental system features powerful attributes for your navigation based service
      • The other basic features remain the same like driver tracking, the driver’s registration and approval process, and the driver allowed to switch back and forth between user and driver mode with one tap
      • You can check the iOS demo on the App Store or the code on GitHub
      • As the administrator, you will have the ability to set and adjust both the base rate and per mile rate for the cost of any ride
      • The manual setup and reskin is easy with just few lines of code
      • With auto installer, the admin can automatically create and personalize the entire application

The bane

    • Geeknavi has a very low popularity probably because it is not less than a year-old company and will take some time to establish in the niche. ranks #1,942,167 among over 30 million websites in world
    • We didn’t found any positive or negative reviews of Geeknavi as it still seems to trying hard its luck
8.4 out of 10
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