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Uberappclone Car Rental Software Review

uberappclone is a sister concern of and that too offers . This is their best-selling app as it is the most sought after choice for both entrepreneurs looking to invest in business that is easy-to-manage, requires no technical handling and something that can be managed even while on go.

Audience choice!

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This carpooling and hiring app has all the basic features like posting rides and updating about your safe travelling in the cab and the passengers can search the model of the car and track the driver and the features for the driver as well to accept or reject and even cancel the booking and the emergency contact to the customer care. Advanced features like direct payment through payment gateways, recharge of the wallets and support for multi-language and multi-currency facility, all are covered in the uberappclone.

Uberappclone review

A review of the taxi dispatch software product will help you to make the right buying decision. While reviewing the app, we focus on many aspects of the product or software like the performance, the scalability of the product, its design and the technology on building the app, and the overall cost of the app. The review usually helps to make sure the website is genuine and whether buying from here will be a good option or not.

It’s always worth-checking the factors to make sure the buyers are getting what they paid for. is just a one-and-a-half-year-old company and will need some time to carve its niche in the market as one can find lots of other competitors online.

The uberappclone strengths

  • Multi-Language support options from back-end
  • Easy fleet management of your taxis
  • Easy payment options
  • Email alerts and notifications
  • Free demo and free trial

Additionalcar rental software features:

  • Free app installation service- Includes installation and upload and configuration of the code, database, and web services onto the server Google/Android Play store and Apple/iOS App store along with easy and instant approval of apps on Play store
  • White labelling on your company name and promise delivery in 2-4 working days and this is included in the package itself
  • Our package includes white labelling our apps and web panels on your company’s name
  • Inclusion of manual taxi dispatch if the passengers are not using hi-tech gadgets and smartphones like Android or iPhone/iOS Phone. The taxi can also be booked with a simple phone call.
  • Now or later feature passengers allows to book the taxi in advance and use the cab anytime later anytime as per their requirement.
  • Diverse languages and currency feature facilitates support for English as the international language and one primary language or lingua franca will be integrated into your car rental system for free. The same rule is applicable for the currency feature as well- USD and your one primary currency.
  • Pricing upsurge lets fleet management companies charge different rates during specific times and days (e.g. Early morning rush hour or Sunday evening can have higher rates)
  • God’s eye view, which allows the app owner to track the taxi status anywhere on the world map using real-time GPS system
  • Other options included are heat view, SOS button, advanced analytics, advanced reports and pubnub map integration

The uberappclone flaws

  • The website has a very low popularity and almost no rating score as it’s a just a newly registered company; existing since last 1.5 years
  • The company has used free email IDs which can be risky especially when dealing with transaction related communication or other confidential exchange of messages through the system
  • Since it is a new company offering car rental software, it has no social presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.
  • The company is also not using the security certificate for safe browsing through the site
8.3 out of 10
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