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Vrinsofts Car Rental Software Review

Virnsofts, a 2011 established software technology company offers . As the trend for travelling through cab is increasing, so are the number of technology companies venturing into the mobile and app development for taxi hiring software. With just a click the drivers can register themselves as the cab driver, the admin once approves, the driver will accept the ride and the other moment it hits the road. The end-user is the person who would ultimately be using the app for cab booking and hiring.

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Vrinsofts review

The software offers a user-friendly interface, the design is appealing, and the software has all the necessary features that all the 3 would be required- the admin, the driver and the passenger. Every company tries to bring something best in its application by offering flawless and smooth working app and by integrating features that its competitors don’t have it in theirs. Vrinsofts does a great job by offering customized mobile app development for more personalized experience, which is both appealing and bug free so no one person has to suffer in managing the application.

So, whether you are running a taxi business or a fleet of taxis, managing your taxis won’t be a cumbersome task with car rental system. The CMS or Content Management System allows to easily manage the app either from front-end or back-end. Whether the end-user has to book a taxi or the driver has to accept or reject the ride with just a swipe or be it the admin who can set and earn handsome commissions by making few adjustments at the back-end, the dashboard is easy to use and gives a wholesome experience.

The Pros

  • Managing the dashboard through CMS gives full access to the admin who need not to be technically sound at coding or any aspect of the programming
  • The CMS allows for quick and easy updation with just few tweaks and easy to choose options
  • The integrated analytics feature helps businesses easily calculate the returns received on investment.
  • The system allows to measure the conversion rates by presenting the payment status and the ride data in a graphical pattern.
  • The app supports multi location access giving the end-user the facility to book the cab irrespective of their interior most or any location in the town. This further allows to book cabs for your friends and relatives on their behalf.
  • The taxi dispatch software developed by vrinsofts can have multiple admins to gain access to the dispatches using the admin panel.
  • The entire history of past transactions, the rides by customers and that given by drivers, these all are provided by the app.
  • name TRANSACTION HISTORY name CALLER IDENTIFICATION The app provides details and identify of the passengers to the driver. Based on these details, the location of the passenger is known and the driver can choose to accept or reject the ride request as per his suitability.
  • Drivers can make use of the signature capture feature to sign and send the request and payment mails to the admin for verification. All the statements hence have the driver’s signature before being mailed to the admin.
  • name ONLINE SIGNATURE name CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS The app provides customers the facility of making credit and debit card payments.
  • Forget about carrying cash in hand, the car rental software allows to make payments electronic gateways and wallet money
  • Vrinsofts facilitates the software and mobile app development either separately for the driver or the passenger or a combined app for both

The Cons

  • If there are good things about a system, there are its downfalls too.
  • This 5-year old company does not have many positive reviews to its credit. In fact, on Googling it, one can find vrinsofts lodged under consumer complaints online where it failed to deliver the software to one of its customer and also took away the entire payment from the customer.
  • The company has a low popularity even in these 5 years
  • One cannot expect safest communication and online transactions through the website as the site doesn’t uses secure HTTP certificate
8.5 out of 10
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