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Top 7 Fleet Management software companies

Planning to start a fleet management business ? Well the most important ingredient of any successful business is choosing the right kind of software to manage the business. Fleet management forms a vital part of any Uber Clone Script

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There are lot of companies who are making fleet management software and believe it or not you have a plethora of options to choose from.

Some of the benefits of using a fleet management system are increased productivity, low fuel costs, increased fleet and workforce security, reduced overtime, custom reports and faster response times.

Now the important thing is what features you should be looking for while purchasing a fleet management software.

In this piece of article we shall discuss about some popular companies that are into the fleet management software making business and also about the striking features of their product.

  1. INNOVATIVE MAINTENANCE SYSTEMS : Founded in 1994 this company provides leading maintenance management software for business and home use. The company’s goal is to provide a software that is easy to use and maximize the benefit of keeping accurate records. Their software fleet maintenance pro is loaded with several features from inventory to fleet management. The fleet inventory tracking system helps in organizing the assets and keeping track of all the data effectively. It has a very effective preventive and repair maintenance system. Automated maintenance reports are provided by email. Monitoring the frequency of repairs helps to decide whether to keep or retire a fleet asset. A detailed history of maintenance is logged which helps in analyzing costs and trends over the year. It also has a fuel tracking system that records and monitors the fuel transactions and expenses. The software performs numerous statistical calculations to show you the trends in wear and abuse of your equipment. Apart from that the software has a soothing interface.
  2. INFA GPS : This company is a leading provider of cutting edge technology for GPS enabled fleet management and asset tracking software. Their software is 100% cloud based so there is no physical software to buy or download. There is provision for monitoring and tracking spare parts details, services and loan applications, driver details and fuel and trip log apart from others. It also has facility for emergency alerts and daily reports.
  3. MAK TREE : They have a ground breaking fleet management software  One of the important features is the comprehensive report generation feature. The reports are downloadable in excel and pdf formats. The dashboard is pretty good and user friendly and is equipped with all the necessary stuffs. Some other features worth noting are crew management, vehicle management, geofence management and statistical analysis.
  4. GURTAM : Founded in 2002, this company has its legendary fleet tracking system Wialon. They have been in the market since 15 years and have a customer base of 950. Wialon is available in SaaS based version and server based version. Their GPS tracking device is state of the art. In 2017 the company has released the latest version of the software which has been loaded with certain new features like Wiachat and Nimbus. Apart from all these there is also facility for accident tracking, maintenance scheduling, routing and work order management.
  5. PLUG N TRACK GPS : This canadian company is making GPS enabled fleet management software for quite a long time. Their software is bundled with numerous essential tools. The GPS tracking hardware is rugged, secured and entirely self contained. It has a live tracking facility which is quite useful for lost drivers. Another notable feature is the instant replay feature which lets the user to have a look at the trip details at a later time. Other features includes real time alerts, geofencing, vehicle health and maintenance, driver behavior and reporting and analytics.
  6. TITAN GPS : Founded in 2004 this canadian company has been a global leader in GPS tracking services. Their fleet tracking software is not only one of the best in the market but also they have taken every possible measures to keep themselves ahead of their competitors. Apart from all the usual ones some notable features in their software are fleet replay, electronic logbooks, in cab video camera, in cab wifi, map overlay and driver coaching.
  7. TRACKMATIC : This european company is a world leader in fleet management and telematics. Their product is available in cloud, SaaS and web based versions. Besides providing with all the necessary stuffs they have added some distinguishing features like tool management, mileage tracking and accident tracking. They have a dedicated support and training team.
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