Kartcastle Car Rental Software Review

Kartcastle, an eCommerce software development company has developed GoRoad, a to bridge the gap between the travelers and the rental agencies through the medium of technology. KartCastle’s GoRoad is a technologically advanced software that makes use of internet sockets from Pubnub and Stripe for Mobile Payments for automatic transactions. This PCI Compliant mobile app which takes care of the legalities associated with the payment part. From booking taxi to sending notifications about your travel to your family to even registration of the drivers and facilitating them to accept or reject any ride and even contacting customer care during emergency situations, the app caters to both the passengers and the drivers through two separate apps- Uber Clone Passenger App and Uber Clone Driver App.

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Kartcastle review

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“One of the Best Service Provider According to my Requirement”
KartCastle is the best company who has provided me the best services at affordable rates. I am really satisfied with the services of KartCastle. I suggest all the viewers to take services of KartCastle and design your website as per your requirement.
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No HTTPS: Carcloud.com does not use HTTP Secure. So, all communications are not encrypted!

The perfections

  • The app has all the basic features in the car rental system:
  1. Passenger app – Sign-up, monitor drivers, pick-up area, choose cab type, sign up card, fare calculator, live monitoring, automatic payment, overview and rating, add payment, booking history
  2. Driver app – sing-up, booking, position, booking record, Google navigation
  3. Website admin – Logins, Statistics or Records, bills, Adaptable Payment Method, Nootime, profile
  • The Uber Cab Booking App uses a crossbreed database of MySQL and MonogDB on the server backend, and hence the Uber Clone App ensures web range in case your application goes viral. MongoDB (NoSQL) make sure that the app can manage large amounts of data.
  • The Uber clone or the Mytaxi Clone comes with a PHP-MySQL-MongoDB based web server backend which we can set up on premise on your hosted LAMP server.
  • We have applied the latest REST based web services for all data connection on the car rental software app to ensure app flexibility and an outstanding user experience.
  • Free updates for the bugs inside the feature list provided for 1 month post-delivery of the clone script.

The imperfections

  • There is no download version available for their taxi dispatch software to have a glance at the app design and functionality.
  • Though it’s an almost 8-year-old company but one cannot find its positive or negative reviews about the company even for the other products developed by the company.
  • No social media presence: The social media presence on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus is almost less to almost NIL.
  • When checked on websitediscuss.com, the website popularity is low. Kartcastle.com ranks #311,026 among over 30 million websites in world. Ranks #31,404 in India.
  • They are incorporating so many advanced features and even offering best customization service to their clients, still we cannot find any feedback about their Uber Ola clone app anywhere.

Tech Specifications

Price: We cannot comment on the price of the product as no information regarding their price and packages is available anywhere on the website or on online.
Intended users: The passengers are the end-users, and rest users for their car rental software are the drivers, the rental companies or the fleet management companies.
Devices supported: iOS – iOS7, iOS8 and iOS9 and Android.
Multi-language/Multi-currency: Yes.
Support options: Customer care only as we are not even sure about their manual documentation. Even no demo version was found on their website.
Domain age: 2015-05-30.
Social popularity: Nil.
Additional Information: Uber Ola Clone Script is created with the following latest technologies – Core PHP, Angular JS, PostGreSQL, Bootstrap, Linux, Apache, Nginx.

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