Techrasa Car Rental Software Review

CEO of Tehran Taxi Organization planned the launch of its Uber-like taxi app which would be the second online transportation app in Tehran. The year 2016 is almost about to end and in just another couple of days we would be welcoming the new year 2017. Hopefully, by this time the organization might have launched the app. As far as we know based on our extensive research, the news was announced online in the second week of April this year on When we tried looking for the software details or something about their taxi mobile app, we couldn’t find any information as such. We tried Googling for the customer reviews but the search resulted in nothing. May be the software launch has been delayed.

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Techrasa review

As of now we currently can’t comment anything about the techrasa taxi dispatch software, but if you are interested in learning about the software, take a look over here
Today we have nothing to discuss about techrasa’s Uber Clone app or any features or script details but let’s share some interesting news with you.
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ISNA revealed that Meisam Mozafar CEO, Tehran Taxi Organization announced the launch of the call center in 2017, which is an uber-like platform for Tehran’s taxi fleet. “We want to manage the Taxis and Commuters in a systematic and smart way in Tehran and its taxi fleet,” said Meisam Mozafar.” Nothing came us just like a bread and butter business, the idea behind developing a car rental software involved sheer hard work as a lot of research was done to develop a robust call center. The organization examined in detail several mobile and desktop apps and tried to figure out how the call centers operated in seven different nations. The aim was to develop a smart management system that could cater to the daily demand and supply needs of the customer.
“It took us more than a year to study the entire thing and to arrive at a decision of developing a system like that. At the end of the last Persian year, we’ve been able to launch the tender offer for the call center. We hope by the end of this spring, the call center would be up and running,” said Mozafar. This is not a physical call center setup, it’s an app that can be installed on the cab driver’s smartphone and on the embedded system that is installed on the driver’s cab.
Two type of taxis in Tehran will have this app installed on their devices:
1. Taxis that are driving around the city to find a passenger
2. Taxis that are working with specific call centers
The driver and the rider, both can track each other via this car rental system app. The drivers can locate the nearest riders and the riders too can track the cab driver via this app. Further, the details of the taxi driver will be accessible like the driver’s identity, cab number and the location of the taxi.
Another stage will have the call center operating 24/7 where people can connect with customer care to book the taxi anytime and anywhere. The call center operators can track the taxi and inform the nearest driver to cater to the rider. The CEO further adds, “We are going to assign a four-digit phone number for the call center and we hope to revolutionize the industry with this project”.

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