Codificar Car Rental Software Review offers Chofer App. With the popularity and success of the App Uber, the demand for this type of application has become a gold rush. The Uber model connects you to the professional who want to meet with just one touch on the screen and is expandable to all market niches. Want to work with freelancers? Schedule pizza deliveries? Open a new startup for taxis? The script “Uber” is able to help you in all these cases. Successfully secured and proven worldwide, this new business model is hard to slow down and by being customized with your idea it could become a new success in the world of applications.

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Codificar review

Most positive review
The guys took on a short-term risk project and delivered the project on time and with full satisfaction from all involved. In less than 20 days we were able to build, along with Encode, 2 TV applications and a cross-platform mobile app. We hope to move forward with this partnership.

Most negative review

This car rental software company has a very low trust rate as unfortunately they have many unsatisfied customers to their credit.

The Pros

  • IOS and Android apps
  • App already installed on AppStore and Google Play, ready for download and use.
  • Geolocation Map
  • Geolocation is used to locate a cell phone or computer in a particular location. Technology fundamental to the operation of your application.
  • Calculation of Routes and Tariffs
  • Advantage for your customer because before you even embark you will already know the value of the race and advantage to you that will have control of all this in the application database, avoiding fraud.
  • Web System

It is the “brain” of your application. It is where the management of the drivers / suppliers, document upload and Universal MAPA will be made presenting all the drivers in the taxi dispatch software.

  • Hotsite

Your app’s online page. Hotsite will serve as the basis for marketing and for your customers to find you and get informed about your service.

  • Customizable Design

The idea is yours, the app will be yours, so the app design is entirely chosen by you. Colors, inspiration, details. We need you in this process.
After we understand your idea we will adapt it to the Uber car rental system model and customize your application. We will work to make everything happen as planned, after all, if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. We will do the analysis of cost and time of implementation of the modifications, without cost, and we will send you the budget

    • Advantages:
  1. Decreases margin of error
  2. Well-documented design
  3. Real-time gauging
  4. You inside everything
  5. Your application winning face!

It is in this part of the process that you will see your dream moving into reality. First you send us your brand (Do not have one? See here how to acquire), then together with our designers, you will choose colors, fonts, shapes and whatever your application needs to start to appear. We will hold delivery and validation meetings, we will make small adjustments until we are both satisfied with the project.
After the development process is complete, the car rental software application will go through the company’s test cycle. In a project with 200,000 lines of code, there are bound to be errors. Small projects usually have about 100 errors. In order to correct these errors and so that you do not have problems, we will test the features of the application and correct all the errors found homologating with you.
Ready! Have your UberClone in hand, but not yet ended: engregaremos you from the application already published in webshops (no extra cost) until the publication in web server according to the need of customer expansion, with fair monthly cost. “But then will I have a guarantee?” Yes you will! We will give you a 60-90 day warranty. We will not abandon you.
Get an idea of your app with the pictures on the side. In the demo version, you can change the images by clicking on the arrows around you and navigate the images using the arrow keys.

The Cons

  • does not use HTTP Secure. So, all communications are not encrypted!
  • ranks #649,668 among over 30 million websites in world. Ranks #25,087 in Brazil.
  • The demo version is available upon request and one cannot just see the online demo directly on the company website.

Tech Specifications

  1. Price: Available upon request based on the native or customized option the buyer is looking for.
  2. Intended users: The passengers are the end-users, the drivers, the rental companies or the fleet management companies.
  3. Devices supported: Only the desktop version.
  4. Multi-language/Multi-currency: Yes.
  5. Support options: Customer care only as we are not even sure about their manual documentation for car rental software.
  6. Domain age: It’s a 9-year old company.
  7. Social popularity: Very little social media presence on Google+ and Facebook.

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