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A quick scalable technology solution that is sure to provide a solid background for your business. All you have to take care is execution.


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Android App

Our native Android car rental system app aims to give the best renting experience for your customers on their mobile devices. Happy customers!


A powerful and extensive Admin panel to manage the entire car rental booking software suite end-to-end( From vendor management to Revenue management )


A separate robust vendor panel for all your Car vendors to upload their cars. This car rental reservation software has everything for them to manage things automatically.


Everything in this car rental business software is API driven. Like Facebook's platform, any developer can build modules for your business via. this robust API.

Car rental software

Car Rental System Scheduling done like never before!

Scheduling that’s done right, We’ve gone the extra mile to let users schedule hour by hour. Which can be customized to go down to the minutes.

No matter what your rental business model is, our Car Rental software is here to give you a head start ahead of competition.


Separate IOS, Android apps for your Customers & Drivers.

Sophisticated Corporate Dashboard for Fleet owners to manage their business.

Secure & Powerful Admin Panel for You to manage the entire platform.

Users can pay using Credit Card, Paypal & Cryptocurrency

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A few apps powered by our car rental booking software

car rental booking software car rental reservation software car rental business software car rental management software Car rental software
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This car rental reservation software has a rock solid scheduling engine. It manages all the schedule requests that your customers make, swiftly.

Revenue Management

The integrated revenue management system, allocates the drivers shares and your share of the revenue efficiently. With this car rental business software, You won’t have to dabble with the accounts book

Payment gateway Integrated

Accept payments confidently from top payment processors within your app. All you need to do is configure this car rental management software and forget. It just keeps working.

Multi-Operator Car Rental Management

Onboard other Operators in this car rental system. They utilize your platform while opening up new earning opportunities. Grow together

Dispute Management

This Car rental software puts the customer’s interest in front of yours. Handle disputes and feedbacks about specific trips to make your service better.

Operator Panel

A control panel for operators to manage their cars, get revenue details and respond to feedbacks.

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We also offer

Car Request module

Your users can request a car they dont find. These requests will be notified to your vendors instantly for fulfilment.

Advanced Analytics

Analytics that show your how many cars are rented everyday, every hour and in which area. Drilled down data, literally at your fingertips.

Location based

Location based operator listing to provide a faster customer service and better experience.

Chat & Call

Ability for your users to establish a chat with the vendor after a booking is done.

Advanced Search

Searching is a breeze on the Car Rental system, customers just need to tell where they are and all the best options available to them are shown.

Wallet system

A trendy and powerful Wallet system for your users to pre-load it with cash. Payment can be made automatically from it.

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car rental system
Fleet Management

Have a huge fleet to manage? No problem, you can add more cars to the fleet with ease.


Ease the process of auditing by directly exporting the sales data to quickbooks

Sales Force Integration

If you’re using salesforce and want a way to export sales data and other crucial analytics data to understand and predict the course of action, Our integration can help.

On Board Diagnostics

On Board Diagnostic data can help understand what the status of each and every car in your fleet is, What better way when you can see all the data in one place?


Bitcoin is the way into the future, accept Bitcoin payments and give your users a new way to pay for your service.


Let People pre-load money into the wallet, so they don’t have to enter their credit card details every time.











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Car Rental System lets anyone add a set of cars or a fleet so they can let customers book at their convenience. This is available on the web, android and iOS.

Yes, we have integrated a wallet which is attached to your payment system. So your customers can preload money into the wallet and ride.

Yes, this is not just a car rental software. It can be tweaked and used for other niches like Trucks, Yacht, Bikes, Private jets, Helicopters, Limousine, Taxi etc.

We have many different types of this car rental software. You can pay a one time fee and download the full source code of this car rental software. There is also a SAAS based varion of this car rental software that you can pay on the monthly basis and use.

Let other operators in your city or anywhere in the world sign up to list their cars on your platform. Opening up a new channel for revenue.

In this era, mobile apps are everything. While still a lot of people open a car rental software on their browsers, a majority look for an app. Moreover the market now also has an equal number of Android and iPhone users. So you need to have your car rental booking script ready for both the markets. Also as a business it becomes easy for you to reach your customers on demand.

Yes, this car rental software can be used globally. This car rental management software has been tested in many countries like USA, Canada, Australia, Africa, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, Mexico, France, Spain etc. Also it can be customised to reflect in any language. Also this incredible script can be made to convert itself to the language of the user automatically.


Date Published: 2020-04-08

Date Published: 2020-08-25

Renault has secured one of the largest electric vehicle (EV) fleet deals in the UK, with Car Rental Software company Onto ordering 1,100 pure electric Renault Zoe cars.

The EV order surpasses the 1,000-strong Vauxhall Vivaro-e electric van deal struck between the UK manufacturer and British Gas, two weeks ago.This latest order from Onto (formerly Evezy), which will be delivered over the next six months, is the biggest EV fleet deal Renault UK has struck and takes the number of the all-electric supermini purchased by the business to 1,300. The original Evezy operation purchased 180 to kick-start its 2017 launch, before becoming Onto this month (July).

This latest order from Onto (formerly Evezy), which will be delivered over the next six months, is the biggest EV fleet deal Renault UK has struck and takes the number of the all-electric supermini purchased by the business to 1,300. The original Evezy operation purchased 180 to kick-start its 2017 launch, before becoming Onto this month (July).

Renault UK’s fleet director, Mark Dickens, told Fleet News he was “excited” to secure the deal with Onto, considering the current potential of the car subscription market.

The coronavirus crisis has seen the public’s desire to travel by public transport plummet, while Government has been actively discouraging its use. Coupled with this, Dickens says, Covid-19 has altered perceptions of shared mobility, at least in the short term, making car subscription services a more attractive option.

He explained: “I think it’s had a big effect. The growth (of subscriptions services) is astronomic. At the point where we agreed this deal (with Onto), they had 600 people on the waiting list; from January to March, the number on the waiting list trebled.”

There have been a number of new entrants into the car subscription market in recent months, including Jaguar Land Rover (JLR). The carmaker launched its premium car subscription service, called Pivotal, a few weeks ago, with a joining fee of £550 and a monthly rental charge starting from £750 for a Land Rover Discovery Sport, Jaguar F-Pace or Range Rover Evoque.

Onto offers a choice of electric vehicles (EVs) for a monthly rental fee, which includes insurance, breakdown cover, maintenance and even the electricity to charge the car, thanks to the inclusion of an RFID card giving access to the Polar Network charging infrastructure.

There is no deposit, a minimum one-month rental, with a monthly maximum mileage of 1,000 miles, and customers can change their car for another model at any time.

Dickens says Onto has come into the market at “exactly the right time” and believes the subscription model could become the way of buying a new car going forward, particularly at the younger end of the market. “They’ll very quickly become the largest (car) subscription company,” he said.

All of the Renault Zoe EVs included in this new deal, feature the 50KW DC rapid charge option, which allows 90 miles of charge to be restored in 30 minutes, and offers range of up to 245 miles (WLTP). Both versions are powered by the new, more powerful R135 motor that is twinned to a 52kWh battery.

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