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Top Six Car Rental Booking Software Companies

best car rental booking software

Traveling with family or moving to a new city? Booking a car rental is the most cost-efficient choice. The increasing awareness of the ill-effects of car emissions has also contributed to the decline in owned cars and an increased preference over car rentals thanks to car rental booking software applications.


A recent survey has revealed that the car rental industry will witness a 7.5% growth in the next four years. The demands of tech-savvy customers have contributed to this in the past because of car rental booking software apps that let you book a vehicle quickly and conveniently on-the-go.


Here is the list of the top six car rental booking software service providers that have given mobile-friendly booking platforms to car rental enthusiasts.

Car rental booking software
Image Source: Travipro

Easy Rent Pro 

Car rental booking software
Image Source: Easy Car Rent PRO

This multi-language car rental booking software platform offers a free 30-day trial to its users. It is a complete car rental booking solution that can be used for personal and corporate requirements.

Any number of vehicles can be managed on this app for single or multiple locations. The software offers transparency to users regarding the vehicles rented, those available, and the vehicles that will be added to the fleet soon. The speed and efficiency of this app are guaranteed to offer complete customer satisfaction because of its quick turnaround and centralized control.

Rent centric

Best Car Rental Booking Software
Image Source: Rent Centric

This is a comprehensive software solution covering vehicles, rentals, customers, employees, and revenue management. Full-fleet management and automation with advance reporting are the core features of this car rental booking software.

With one of the fastest booking times, this app has a Word Press plugin that helps owners manage the website, blogs, booking, customer feedback, and more, in one place.

Some of the modern features of this smart car app include,

  • Apple Watch integrations for self-service car rentals
  • GPS tracking
  • Monitoring the gas gauge
  • Toggling the lock

This app works on a pay-as-you-go model. The expenses for owners include,

  • One-time setup and training fee
  • Monthly charges based on the number of vehicles to be managed in your fleet

You can avail great discounts with more number of cars added to the fleet. This makes Rent Centric an excellent car rental booking software for large rental companies.


This is a popular car rental booking software that has efficiently helped car rental businesses manage operations. This application is easy, economical, convenient, and very handy.

With a 14-days trial period available on this cloud-based software, rental companies can leverage their features like online reservation, GPS tracking, Chabot, Navotar API, and other add-on features.

Best Car Rental Booking Software
Image Source: Navotar

Some of these key features include,

  • Daily planner
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Secure Payment Gateway
  • Single Checkout
  • Mobile-friendly access
  • Reservation Management
  • Accounting Reports
  • Vehicle Damage Management
  • Customized rental agreements
  • Inventory Management
  • Location Tracking

Rental Car Manager

This easy-to-use software will help book rentals effortlessly while assisting owners in meeting business bottom-lines and customer expectations.

It supports rental businesses of all sizes with different requirements due to its scalability. There is so much to offer when it comes to the options and features of this software.

Car rental booking software
Image Source: Rental Car Manager

Automated scheduling lets you maximize utilization and free up vehicles during peak hours.

Here are its salient features.

  • Fleet management and servicing
  • GPS tracking
  • Report and Analysis
  • Electronic Signature
  • Website Integration
  • Bookings and Quotations Management
  • API Integrations
  • System Controls and security
  • Control and Security
  • Vehicle Inspection Report
  • Fleet & Fines Management
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Create Bills & Invoices
  • Rate Tables
  • Reservations Management


Car Rental Booking Software
Image Source:

Based on the process that you want to manage, CARS+ provides a cloud-hosted care rental booking platform for rental business owners.

The visibility that this software provides when it comes to customers, partners, employees, and brokers is a great advantage to rental companies. This system also helps you manage multiple bookings from multiple locations, which are befitting for extensive fleet management.

Localization and multi-location support make this an excellent choice for rental businesses operating globally. If you have a big budget and even bigger plans to expand your professional car rental business, CARS+ is an ideal choice (comes with also customer support).


Car rental booking software
Image Source: Schedulebull

This software is free for one month and supports multi-user tools on mobiles, laptops, tablets, and desktops. This platform supports not only rentals but spans across services like car service, hotels, transfers, hostels, and more.

This is a safe option for start-ups and SMEs since simple booking and billing are automated.

The key features include:

  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Create bills and Invoices
  • Fines and Fleet Management
  • Split billing
  • Rate Tables
  • Reservations Management
  • Powerful application program interface (API)
  • Automated Invoice generation

Summing up

Car rental booking software apps provide flexibility, comfort, and freedom of movement to those who love going around. Going wrong is not an option with the best car rental booking software options.

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