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TAXI HERTZ Uber Clone Script Review

Sometimes, people don’t find something appealing unless they are shown the utter necessity of the thing. Taxi dispatch business was done in the traditional way as it used to be until Uber came into existence. It changed a lot of things along with the perspective of the common man.

uber clone script

Prior to the era of Uber hailing a luxury vehicle, was some sort of comfort that was reserved for the rich and famous. Now the scenario has changed and the world has witnessed a new dawn of the digital revolution. Uber is the vanguard of this renaissance.

With tremendous success and popularity of Uber, taxi dispatch business has become very competitive as a lot of companies are gradually entering the domain to make a fortune. But in order to compete with the mighty Uber, you need to have a software similar to theirs and that software is an uber clone script.

What inspired VyanCorp Software to make Taxi Hertz?

VyanCorp Software is a software development company that has its offices in India and UK. They specialize in mobile application development, IT infrastructure solutions and a lot more verticals. They have successfully delivered white label custom-made applications to companies in India and abroad. They house some of the best developers in the country, who have years of experience behind them. Their passion and dedication are reflected from the kind of software they make.  

What is so special about Taxi Hertz?

Speaking of uber clone scripts most of the software that is available in the market have almost the same functionalities, so it becomes very important to know the software feature by feature before you are planning to actually purchase it. Let’s have a look at some of the cool features of Taxi Hertz that makes it unique.

  • Graphical Reports : The software has full support for generating static and dynamic graphical reports. There is also a provision to download the report.
  • Live Tracking : With integrated Google Maps and GPS tracking and navigation has never been so easy.
  • Powerful Admin Panel : The software comes with a powerful admin panel that is loaded with features like vehicle management, resources management and many more.
  • Loyalty System : Every customer-centric company needs to reward its customers in some way or the other. The app is fully equipped with customer retention and loyalty programmes like special discounts and promotional events.
  • Customer Review : The customer, as well as the driver, can review each other from their respective apps.
  • 3 Step Booking : The designers of the app have made it very easy for a customer to book a ride in just 3 steps.
  • 24 X 7 Support : The company has a dedicated support team who are available round the clock to help the customer in a any way possible.
  • Attractive UI/UX : The UI is very cool and soothing. The passengers will fall in love with it.
  • Data Security : The customers need not have to worry about security, as the platform takes care of it.
  • Cross Platform : The app is available for both iOS and Android platform.

Wait, this isn’t over!  

As there is a lot of competition in the market, it is very difficult to lure a potential buyer to like and purchase your product. Hence, it is wise to upgrade and update the product periodically with new features. Although the uber clone script from Taxi Hertz is loaded with great features there are certain features that found to be missing. Let’s look at some of the features that are found to be missing from the software and would make a valuable addition.

  • Wallet : What is the need for a wallet? Well, everybody is going cashless these days. You don’t have to carry cash with you all the time, with so many alternatives available these days. One of them is the integrated wallet. The customer can transfer the money from the bank account to the wallet and make the payment for the ride with it.
  • Geofencing : What is Geofencing? It is a geographical boundary but only virtual. The admin can specify the effective radius of the boundary and make certain services available or unavailable in that area. Geofencing is also used to launch promotional events for the company.
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