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GETME TAXI Uber Clone Script Review

Do you know Uber clone scripts could boost your taxi business and take it to a whole new level? Apart from generating a huge revenue, it could modernize the entire system right from logistics to operations.

uber clone script

Now, let me explain what an uber clone script is. An uber clone script is the exact replica of the original Uber taxi booking software. Most of the features that are present in the original Uber software are there in the uber clone scripts. Apart from that many vendors also offer custom made applications for their version of the software.

As a potential buyer, who want to set up your own taxi booking business and want to compete with the already established players, you need to get hold of an uber clone script that would be right for your business. Seeing the growing demand for uber clone scripts, a lot of companies have started making their own version of the software.

What inspired GETME TAXI to come up with an Uber Clone Script of their own?

GetMe Taxi has been providing mobile app development services for 6 years. They have successfully delivered custom-made services to more than 350 clients around the globe. They are a team of highly motivated and passionate individuals who are committed to going the extra mile for the satisfaction of their customers. Perfection and client satisfaction is their company’s motto. As a good uber clone script is the need of the hour, the developers from GetMe Taxi decided to come up with an innovative software of their own.  

What makes GETME TAXI so special?

Let’s look at some of the essential features that make GetMe Taxi different from its peers.

  • RIde Sharing : Now a customer can share a ride with a fellow passenger, and get a significant reduction in the fare charges.
  • Automatic Dispatch : The app has full support for automatic dispatch of drivers as the request is made.
  • Rate Card : By the help of rate cards the customer can know the surcharge and make the payment accordingly.
  • Social Sharing : It is possible to invite friends and share the ride experience on social media.
  • Daily Reports : The drivers can see their daily reports and summary at the end of the day.
  • Advanced Navigation : Integrated Google Maps and GPS support makes the navigation experience real-time and interactive.
  • Multi Language Option : The app supports most of the commonly spoken languages of the world, so wherever the passenger is he won’t find it difficult to communicate.
  • Ratings & Reviews : To know your customer and drivers well ratings and reviews are very essential. Hence both the passenger and the driver app has full support for ratings and reviews.
  • Wallet : The customer can transfer funds to the wallet and go completely cashless.  
  • Promo Codes : The promo codes are special coupons that are made available at the time of special promotions so that a customer can apply them and get discounts on their next ride.
  • Track the Payment : The drivers can track the payment after every update.
  • SOS Button : For female passengers, there is a provision for SOS panic button. At the time of emergency, the admin can reach out to the customer in need.
  • Bookmark Location : The customer can bookmark certain locations for future need.
  • Ride History : After a trip is complete an entry is immediately made in the trip history column.
  • SMS Notification : In the entire course of the journey, the passenger, as well as the driver, are notified with SMS notifications.
  • Fully Customizable : The app is fully customizable as per the demand and need of the customer.
  • 24 X 7 Support : The support team is there 24 X 7 to help out any customer in need.
  • Cloud Hosting : As the entire system is hosted on the cloud it is fully equipped to handle 10000+ taxis at any given time.

Wait, this isn’t over!   

With the competition for uber clone scripts soaring, it is very important to upgrade the app with new features periodically. This will not only make the app updated but also make it flexible over the time. Let’s discuss some of the features that are found to be missing from the app and could make an essential addition to the software.

  • Surge Pricing : Why do you need to have surge pricing? Well, you need to motivate the drivers to go and attend the customers at desperate times. By increasing the base fare with a small amount, you can provide an incentive to the drivers so that they will be motivated to go and attend the customers.
  • Advanced Analytics Support : Analytics is an essential tool to analyze the progress of the company. By the help of analytics, the admin can view all the past trends and accordingly forecast the future.
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