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How to test the Surge Price feature in a Uber Clone Script ?

Looking for a perfect Uber clone script ? Well one of the most important feature of a UBER clone script is the Surge Pricing feature. Let’s take a look on how to use this feature on the software you are planning to use.

uber clone script, surge price feature

The idea behind surge pricing is to adjust prices of rides to match driver supply to rider demand at any given time. When the demand for taxi rides is extremely high and there aren’t sufficient drivers to meet this demand the fares are increased based on a multiplying factor.

The surge pricing is initiated due to various factors. This may be due to peak hours, bad weather, festival time or any natural events. The pricing is determined based on the customer’s location.

The customers who are in urgent need of a ride at peak hours can pay the additional fare and book the ride immediately.

Once the surge price is initiated both the riders and the drivers will be notified instantly.

First you need to install the setup. Once you are done with the setup, launch the admin panel to explore all the features. If you want to know how to try this feature check this post.

Step 1: Enter the web url to launch the admin panel. Then enter the registered email-id and password to log in to the admin panel. After you successfully sign in, you will find a dashboard which looks very much similar to the one displayed below.

uber clone script, surge price feature


uber clone script, surge price feature

Step 2: On the dashboard you can find a sidebar panel to the left containing several items in the form of drop down menu. The user has to scroll down and find the Surge Pricing item on the panel.

uber clone script, surge price feature

Step 3: The surge price window has the provision for setting and configuring both the surge price and the night price as well. First of all the user has to enable the feature by turning on the on/off button.

After the feature is enabled the user can set the respective values by entering in the appropriate tabs.

The user can enter the value for minimum requests, to automatically initiate surge pricing when the given number of requests are made in the particular area.

Similarly the user can enter the values for percentage increase in price and the effective radius of the area for initiating surge pricing. The effective radius is calculated in terms of km/miles as applicable. The percentage increase in price is added on top of the regular fare.

uber clone script, surge price feature


uber clone script, surge price feature


uber clone script, surge price feature

Step 4: In the same window there is a provision for setting the night time fare also. The user has to first toggle the feature on by clicking on the on/off button which appears on top.

After that the user has to enter the duration during which the night time fare becomes effective along with the percentage increase in fare.

The surge pricing feature can also be configured along with the night time fare. Now, all the user has to do is set both the features and click on the submit button.

uber clone script, surge price feature


uber clone script, surge price feature


Why do i need a surge price feature in UBER CLONE SCRIPT?

The surge pricing feature allows your customers to book a ride even at rush hours by paying additional amount of fare. In this way the customer doesn’t have to wait in a queue.

How is this feature useful to the drivers in UBER CLONE SCRIPT ?

By increasing an extra amount of fare motivates the driver to come and pickup a rider even at peak hours.

How does a rider gets notified in this UBER CLONE SCRIPT?

Once the surge pricing feature is initiated the rider gets an instant notification at the time of making the booking as there will be a slight increase in fare due to heavy demand. The driver is also notified in a similar way.

Do i need a smart phone to configure the settings in the admin panel of this UBER CLONE SCRIPT?

No, the admin panel can be launched from a web url. So a user need not have a smart phone.


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