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Reservation Engine from XITEAgency Review

Are you a frequent user of cab/taxi rental software then perhaps you are a victim of ‘Uberification’. With the emergence of global cab booking giants like Uber, Lyft there has been a lot of competition in this domain.

uber clone script

A lot of mid-level companies are finding the cab booking business lucrative. The companies that have been into fleet management or car rental business are slowly moving towards the taxi booking business.

With an increasing demand of cab booking softwares many companies have come forward with their version of uber clone scripts. A lot many of the scripts are adapting the good features of Uber as a result of which most of the products available in the market have been loaded with similar features.

As a potential business owner wanting to get ahead of your rivals, probably you should be looking for a software that has the unique functionalities, most feasible deployment capable and easily customizable to new features.

XITEAgency has been around for quite a long time. It is a UK based company founded in 2014 who specialize in web development, mobile application development, fleet management and car rental software. Let’s take a close look at the company’s flagship software Reservation Engine.

What are the customers saying?

“Excellent software backed by amazing people – Jordan Johnston, Operations Manager Whitecar Limited

“One of the kind – Vasilis Vavoulas, Alwaysbest”

“The ultimate tool to promote and expand your car rental business – Stephanos Grammenos, MD Kostransfers

How the Reservation Engine is different – The Good!

In this article, we shall analyze some of the unique features that make Reservation engine as one of the most sought-after application in the market.

Now at its 3rd edition Reservation engine is a complete cloud-based solution for car rental companies. The application is totally customizable as per the demand and need of the business owners.

  • Auto Routing : Auto routing is regarded as the administrator’s best it reduces a significant amount of time of his job and protect him from random errors related to car reservation. The feature is combined with an optimised actions schedule that boosts the administrator’s/manager’s productivity. The algorithms that have been used to achieve optimised routing is kept concealed from the ordinary user.
  • Multiple Levels of Access : A multilevel access system helps in separating roles within the application. An increased level of security helps in avoiding crucial mistakes. Multiple level helps in segregating different roles.
  • Website Integration : The reservation engine can be easily imported to the existing site and can also be made available as a module in a partners site. For the companies that don’t have a running website there is a template site included in the package that can run as a company site.
  • Multiple Pricetables : This is one of the features that makes this product truly one of its kind. When you are running a car rental business it is viable to have a lot of external partners affiliated to your business. It is also possible most of the external partners will be having a different pricing contract. With multiple pricing tables the admin can create as many different pricing table as he wants.
  • Reservation Kiosks : The state of the art reservation engine helps in eliminating the middle person with reservation kiosks.
  • Vehicle Health Monitor : There is an integrated health monitor that constantly checks and records all kinds of issues related to the vehicle.
  • Cloud Based Solution : The software can be easily deployed on the cloud making it more robust and versatile.
  • Push Notification, Alerts & Reports : The software has a complete solution for push notifications, periodic alerts and a comprehensive report generation all bundled up.

What else is needed – The Bad and The Ugly!

Although Reservation Engine is one of the best software available today there are certain features which the customers have found to be missing.   

  • A ride to the airport is one of the most frequent and tedious journeys in a big metropolitan city. The app does not have a support for Airport ride sharing. Customers who need to catch a flight in the midst of a heavy traffic and through numerous toll gates may find it useful.
  • Cryptocurrency has been creating a huge momentum in recent times. There should have been a provision for Bitcoin mode of payment integrated into the wallet. In this digital world, people are tending a lot to go for a complete cashless mode of payment.
  • The customer will be able to save a lot in revenue paid as third-party services to a legal counselor. A Smart Contract built-in to the app will help the customers save a considerable amount of revenue.
  • With an advancement of artificial intelligence self-driving cars are no longer a myth. As unmanned vehicles are becoming a buzzword these days there should have been a provision for the software to be Future Ready.
  • When the business grows so is the resources and the partners. An efficient Call Center Management is very essential when managing a huge business with a lot of affiliate partners with a lot of resources to handle.
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