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CUBE TAXI Uber Clone Script Review

With the taxi booking business growing at an alarming rate many companies have come forward with their own innovative uber clone script.

uber clone script

Every Uber Clone script is in some way different from that of its competitors. The growing number of people declining the traditional public transport system and inclining towards the cab as their regular mode of transport have made the car rental business a very lucrative one.

The companies like Uber are constantly evolving and bringing out groundbreaking features by sheer innovation and research. It won’t be incorrect to say that Uber has made the common mass into what is called nowadays as ‘Uberified’.

The companies that are following the path of Uber and bringing a similar product of their own are forced to adapt the way Uber is doing business. They are trying to implement all the unique features of Uber and Lyft into their own clone script.

Hence a potential business owner have a lot of options to look into and explore before they decide to purchase a relevant uber clone script to run their business.

How the Cube Taxi uber clone script is different – The Good !

Let’s have a look at the features that make cube taxi’s Uber clone script unique among others available in the market.

The unique features of the rider app are as follows :

  • Single app for multiple cities makes it truly global and cosmopolitan.
  • Login with social media and phone number helps to authenticate a user.
  • The fare estimator is quite advanced and gives an accurate account of the ride.
  • A provision for surge pricing helps to regulate the bookings at peak hour.
  • There is a special privilege for female riders, where they are given priority at the time of booking a ride.
  • Support for all type of payment modes like cash, wallet and credit card.
  • Live chat with driver allows the rider to chat with the driver.
  • Panic or SOS button on app is used to create an alert for the admin.
  • A very rare feature found is having a provision to book a handicap accessibility taxi.
  • Toll calculation takes care of all sorts of toll overhead during the ride and automatically adds it the fare.
  • There is also a provision where a rider can give a tip to a driver.
  • A secure payment integration allows the user to pay the bill as securely as possible.

The driver app is supported with a lot of cool features as follows :

  • A single tap accept ride request makes it more user-friendly.
  • It has a complete support for bank account integration so that the admin can transfer the driver earnings.
  • Real-time notifications and alerts are enabled for on the fly user experience.
  • The driver can view the complete ride history from its dashboard.

The research team of Cube taxi have come up with revolutionary algorithms for ride allotment. The 3 algorithms that forms the core are Competitive algorithm, Nearest 1st and FIFO.

The competitive algorithm works in a way like, the request comes to all the drivers simultaneously within a x km radius but the driver who accepts first get to take the ride.

The nearest 1st algorithm allows the driver who is nearest to the rider to take the request. If a driver denies then the request goes to the 2nd nearest and so on.

The FIFO algorithm makes the driver who is in an available mode for a longer time to take the request.

What else is needed ? The Bad and The Ugly !  

Now let’s have a look what are the features customers are finding it missing in the app or to putting it in a different way what are the essential features that is not available but should have been there.

  • The app does not have a support for Airport ride sharing. Customers who need to catch a flight in the midst of a heavy traffic and through numerous toll gates may find it useful.
  • There should have been a provision for Bitcoin mode of payment integrated to the wallet. In this digital world people are tending a lot to go for a complete cashless mode of payment.
  • As the world is advancing so is the mobile applications. A Smart Contract built-in to the app will help the customers save a considerable amount of revenue.
  • As unmanned vehicles are becoming a buzzword these days there should have been a provision for the software to be Future ready.
  • An efficient Call Center Management is very essential when managing a huge business with a lot of affiliate partners with a lot of resources to handle.
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