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For anybody dwelling in a cosmopolitan city, the term Uber is a familiar one. The uber clone scripts are among the most downloadable ones on the Google App Store and Apple App Store. The reason for this sudden upheaval in the taxi booking business is the popularity and accessibility of the software.

uber clone script

With a considerable amount of effort and a lot of money spent on research and development, the multibillion-dollar conglomerates have released their product. It is very difficult to match their excellence, but for a company bringing a similar product into the market, it is required to have most of the essential functionalities.

Behind the success of every company lies it’s incredible product. A piece of advice to the budding entrepreneurs planning to enter into the taxi booking business, select a software vendor that has not only the best uber clone alternative but also passionate to go the extra mile for you to customize the product if required.

A brief history of Hyperlink Infosystem

Hyperlink Infosystem is an Ahmedabad based IT services company. The company offers customized solutions to the clients as per their expectations. They are a team of highly experienced professionals who are passionate to bring the best product into the market. Their quest for innovation and commitment to success is unmatchable. An expertise in custom made mobile applications puts them ahead of their competitors and is well reflected from their elite clientele across the globe.

What makes OSCAR from Hyperlink Infosystem different

Let’s take a look at some of the unique features of Oscar that makes it different from other uber clone scripts in the market. Here we shall discuss each and every feature in detail and shall have a bird’s eye view of the necessity of that particular feature.

  • Admin Panel : A dedicated admin panel takes care all sorts of management activities like customer management, reservation management, and driver management. There is master search feature bundled with the admin panel which helps to find any sort of detail like driver name, customer name, phone number etc.
  • Rating and Comment : There is a separate section in the passenger app for the customers to give ratings to the driver and leave suggestions for improvement in the comment section.
  • Referral and Promo Codes : Referral codes are used to get additional discounts by referring the app to friends or relatives. The promo codes are provided to reward regular and loyal customers with certain promotions and discounts.
  • Trip History : Both the passenger and the driver can view all the details of the rides taken in the past by this trip history feature.
  • Ride Scheduling : Now a passenger can schedule a ride for the future time with this app.
  • Credit Card Payment : It is possible to make the payments with the help of credit card.
  • Booking Cancellation : A customer can cancel a ride anytime before the arrival of the driver.
  • Live Location Suggestions : The smart app throws suggestions based on certain keywords at the time of booking a ride.
  • Fancy Vehicle Categories : There is more than one category of vehicle to choose from. The categories are like Big, Fancy and Pink.
  • Fare Estimator : The fare estimator calculates the fare based on distance and time and throws it before the booking.
  • User Friendly Interface : The interface is very user-friendly and soothing.
  • Dynamic Tracking : With the help of GPS the admin can keep track of all the drivers and guide them if required.

What else could be added    

Every software has to improvise at some time or the other as per the requirement of the customer and the demand of the time. The software attains a high rate of popularity by its adaptability. Although the uber clone script Oscar from Hyperlink Infosystem is unique in several aspects there are certain features that are found to be missing. Let’s have a look at these features and understand their necessity.

  • Wallet : What is the importance of a wallet? One of the greatest achievement of the digital revolution is the cashless mode of transaction system. With the help of an integrated wallet, your customer can go completely cashless. All they have to do is transfer money from the bank account to the wallet and use it for making payment.  
  • Offline Booking : There may be times when a customer may find it difficult to book a ride due to non availability of internet. The offline booking is a life savior at that time. All the customer has to do is make a call to the customer support and allow him to book a ride. All the ride details like pickup location are then dynamically sent to the driver.
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