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CODIFICAR Lyft Clone Script Review

It is difficult to find anyone dwelling in a cosmopolitan city and has never taken a ride in Uber, The reason for this is simple, voyaging a taxi has never been that affordable before. Now, all we have to do is open the mobile application and load the uber clone script. Next with a few taps and some simple gestures you are good to take a ride.

uber clone script

The failure of the public transport system has led to the emergence of the companies like Uber. Their commitment to excellence and dedication to serving their customers have made Uber a household name. Another important factor that has made Uber popular is their software.

The uber app that powers millions of cabs around the world is state of the art. If you are planning to start a cab booking business of your own your software should be as able and scalable like that of Uber.

As the taxi dispatch business is highly competitive, a perfect uber clone script would help you stand aside from the herd. As there are lot of software vendors coming up with their own uber clone script selecting the right product that would cater to your needs is a tricky affair.

The inspiration behind Codificar and the making of their Uber Clone Script!

Codificar is one of the world’s leading software and multiplatform application development company. They have been in the market since 2007 and have served a lot of clients across the globe. They are a team of highly experienced professional who is dedicated and passionate about their work and can take the extra mile for the client’s satisfaction. Their thirst for innovation and quest for knowledge have helped to design some of the best mobile applications in the market. 

How is their uber clone script different!

Every uber clone script differs from another in certain features. Those are the ones that make the application stand alone from that of its competitors. Let’s have a look at some of the cool stuff of Codificar’s uber clone script.  

  • Website : A custom website comes along with this app. The website is the main marketing tool for the company. A lot of care has been taken to make this website SEO friendly.
  • Websystem : The web system is the brain of the application. It stores all the maps, documents and user information for future use.
  • Geolocalization : Geolocalization is used for tracking and locating the device.
  • Custom Design : The app is open to any sort of customization. As per the request and demand of the client, certain features can be modified.
  • Native Support : The app is available for both Android and iOS platform.
  • Price and Route Calculation : Automatic fare calculator calculates the fare before the trip. Smart algorithms are used to allocate and find the route for the driver.

What the customers are saying!

“We found codificar to be the ideal partner to keep our projects going – Evandro Ribeiro, Book Rosa

“We are very satisfied with this partnership and hope to keep it for a long time – Felipe Merenciano, Manager PWC

“They took in a risky project and delivered it fast – Sergio Cangucu, Brincar de Brincar

Some features that are found to be missing!

Although the application from codificar is fantastic it lacks certain essential functionalities. With the addition of these extra features, the uber clone script from Codificar will stay ahead of its competitors.

  • Geofencing : What is geofencing? What is its use? Geofencing is simply a virtual geographical boundary. By the help of geofencing feature, certain features can be made available at some specific cities. The admin can use geofencing to make some specific car models available at some places.
  • Corporate Accounts : Why do you need a corporate account? With the help of corporate account, it is easier to manage all the details about the extra personnel that hired by the company. Sometimes there becomes a shortage of drivers, as a result of which the company hires drivers from an affiliate company. In such a case it becomes necessary to maintain detailed records of this extra personnel. A corporate account serves this purpose.
  • Social Media Login : With the popularity of social media it would be a smart move to integrate the app with facebook or twitter. As a result of which the customer can share his ride experiences with his friends and relatives on social media.
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