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How to book a ride on Hourly Rentals on the Nikola Web Portal

Taking a vacation is a luxury for the working class people dwelling in cosmopolitan cities. Nevertheless, every one of us needs to take a break from the daily conundrums and reward ourselves with a bit of solitude and free time with our loved ones.

nikola web portal

As you are planning a vacation, it would be a smart choice to book a cab on an hourly rental.

Let us have a look at what are the possible advantages of booking a vehicle on an hourly rental.

As you are looking for a vacation with your friends and relatives you won’t be expecting on getting indulged in menial activities such as driving. Let the driver do that for you so that you can relish every second with your loved ones.

In this article, we shall see how you can book a vehicle of your choice on an hourly rental from the Nikola Web Portal in a step by step manner.

Step 1: First, the customer has to enter the respective web URL and he is welcomed as a guest to the home page.

nikola web portal

Step 2: In order to book the ride, the customer should be registered with the system. In case the customer is not registered he has to sign up.

For a registered customer, one has to enter the login credentials to log in to the portal.

nikola web portal

Step 3: After successful login, the booking menu gets opened.

On the menu, you can find three different tabs for booking the cab under three different segments.

There is the city ride segment, where the customer can provide the pickup and drop location and schedule a ride.

The next one is the ride-share segment, where a customer can share a ride with a fellow passenger.

Then it is the hourly rental segment, which we shall explore in detail.

nikola web portal

Step 4: Once the customer selects the hourly rental tab, a form gets opened for the customer to fill in. Here, the customer has to provide all the details related to the booking.

nikola web portal

First, the customer has to enter the pickup address.

As the customer starts typing the auto-completion feature helps to find the desired location. The suggestion is shown as a drop-down menu, where the customer can pick the one he is looking for.

If the desired location is not found in the suggestion, the customer can enter the respective address on his own.

nikola web portal

Step 6: Next, the customer has to enter the number of hours, for which he wants to book the vehicle.

There is a provision for the customer to pick a vehicle of his choice from the pool of vehicles that is shown as a drop-down menu in the type tab.

nikola web portal

Every vehicle comes with the respective price tag. Once the customer chooses the respective vehicle, the fare details are reflected immediately below it.

nikola web portal

The fare details are shown in a tabular format, where the first column is the package price and the second column is the distance shown in kilometers.

For a particular package, the price and distance come bundled.

The trip estimate for a particular package is as follows.

If the customer completes the number of hours in the package then the offer gets exhausted, or alternatively if the distance in the package gets covered the offer gets expired.

Another scenario is if a customer books a vehicle for 2 hours and completes the trip in 1 hour, still the payment has to be made for the complete package ie. 2 hours.

Step 7: If the customer chooses to schedule the ride for a later time, a window appears that prompts to enter the date and time of the journey.

nikola web portal

The customer can pick the date from the calendar and enter the time of journey.

nikola web portal

nikola web portal

The time is auto adjusted with a threshold of 30 minutes.

After the booking is done an entry is made in the ride history column.

nikola web portal

Step 8: Let’s understand how the admin can configure a particular package in the admin panel.

On the admin panel sidebar, there is the rentals management item which opens into two tabs.

On the first tab, there is an option to add a package where the admin can configure all the necessary details such as the hour, price, kilometer and vehicle type all that is bundled into a package.

nikola web portal

The second tab is to view all the preconfigured packages available in the system.

nikola web portal

All the entry is done in a row-wise manner where at the end of each row there is an action button which gives the option to edit or delete an entry.

nikola web portal

nikola web portal


What is Nikola Web Portal?

Nikola web portal is a platform where a customer can book a ride, track the ride and make the payment all on a single website. The customer can register himself on the platform and make use of all the services available.

What is the need for hourly rentals?

A customer can book a ride on hourly basis with the help of hourly rentals.




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