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How to test the hourly booking feature in an UBER Clone Script ?

Looking for the perfect UBER clone script? Well, one of the most important feature in any UBER like script is the hourly booking feature. Lets take a look at how to check this feature in the software you are planning on using.

Uber clone script

This crisp post can help you understand how to book a taxi or a cab at an hourly basis in just a few taps.

First install the UBER clone app script on your mobile phone. You can either ask your software vendor to provide you with an .apk file for your Android device or an ipa file for your iPhone. Some vendors have the demo already hosted on the Play store and the App store, so you can easily download and install them. If you need help on how to install the .apk files or the ipa files, check this post.

Step 1: Click on the app icon on your smartphone menu to get started.

Uber clone script Hourly booking feature

Step 2: Once the app is loaded you will get a screen similar to the following.

Uber clone script Hourly booking feature

Step 3: Now scroll to the bottom of the screen where you can find an icon having the picture of a clock. Click on this icon & the following screen shows up. Did you notice the pickup location is set by default by the app with the help of GPS tracking services?

Uber clone script Hourly booking feature


Step 4: Next you need to enter the number of hours for which you want to book the car for. The hours range from 1 to 2 hours max. Anything beyond that is not supported by this app as of now ( but again, since this is just a demo of a uber clone script, you can always configure the hours to your requirement )

Uber clone script Hourly booking feature

Step 5: Then you have to select the type of vehicle you wanna book by clicking on ‘Select vehicle type‘ tab. After you click on the tab, you will find a drop down menu containing a list of the type of vehicles that you can book. Just click on the type of vehicle you want to book for your ride.

Uber clone script Hourly booking feature

Step 6: After a vehicle is selected the fair details are automatically displayed at the bottom along with the distance covered.

Uber clone script Hourly booking feature

Step 7: Now you are all set to go. Just tap on the Book Now tab to confirm your booking. After you tap on the button the app will search for the nearby drivers and connect to one of them. Now that your booking is done, just wait for your driver to arrive at your location. You can also track the movement of the driver on the app.

Uber clone script Hourly booking feature

Step 8: One of the unique features of this Uber clone script app is that you can also do the booking for a future date. All you have to do is click on ‘No, its for a later date‘ and then a screen will pop up showing the calendar date in a day-month-year format. All you have to do is enter the day of your pickup and then another window will open prompting to enter the time of your pickup. You can enter the time in the window in hour-minute format. After it is done your trip is scheduled successfully.

Uber clone script Hourly booking feature

Uber clone script Hourly booking feature

Uber clone script Hourly booking feature


Hope you learnt how to test the Hourly Booking feature in any Uber clone script app. Please do let us know of any questions / clarifications you have in the comments section below.


Why do i need to do the booking on an hourly basis ?

Imagine a situation where your user wants to book your cab for an emergency. He wants to take a family member for an immediate checkup and back to home after consulting the physician. In this case the hourly booking feature will serve your user great. You don’t have to worry about your return trip booking as this is already taken care of. There are many other practical scenarios where the hourly booking feature provided by this Uber clone script has proved to be a boon to passengers.

Can i cancel the booking done for a later date in this Lyft Clone script ?

Yes, you can absolutely cancel the booking any time before the time of your pickup. Once the driver arrives at your location and the trip has started – then you cannot cancel the booking. If you still want to cancel, a small penalty will be charged and it will added to your next booking fare.

Can i extend the time of booking in this Uber clone app script ?

No, you cannot extend the time of booking in this Uber clone script. If you are unable to complete your trip within the confined time, the driver will move on for a new scheduled trip.

What if the driver refuses to take me to a certain place ?

The driver can take you wherever you want go within your city limits. If the driver refuses to do so, your customer can drop a complain via. this Lyft clone script and so you can take necessary actions.

Do we charge more for the bookings done at midnight ?

Yes, due to low availability of the drivers at night time this Uber clone is programmed to charge a little bit more than the usual rates.

What are the basic requirements to install and use a Uber clone script app ?

In order to install a Uber clone script app you should have a smartphone running Android version 5 or more and IOS version 8 or more.

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