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Why is Fleet Management feature important in a Uber Clone Script ?

Planning to buy a Uber Clone Script ? Well, fleet management is one the most important feature of an uber clone script. In a taxi booking business fleet management plays a very pivotal role.

uber clone script, fleet management feature

Before discussing about the important functionalities of this software let’s have a look on what exactly is a fleet management software. Taxi/Cab booking companies need to manage their drivers and vehicles whether they are on-road or off-road. A fleet management software is needed for this purpose.

The company may have their own vehicles or leased ones or those supplied by the affiliate partners. The fleet management software is a central information system which helps to organize, manage and coordinate the entire fleet operation.

The fleet management software is integrated with vehicle telematics and tracking to match driver performance with that of the vehicle. Now let’s see what features you should be looking for in a fleet management software.

Taxi dispatch and Scheduling : With this software the dispatchers will be able to record real time data on vehicle operation. By documenting this data a driver profile could be build which will not only ensure vehicle and driver security but also will improve the performance.

Some data that is usually documented are driving routes, speeding, idling time and work breaks.

Driver management and Licensing : A company needs to know whether the driver has a valid license for the vehicle that he is driving and when do his endorsements expire. Along with that it is also important for a company to know whether the driver has received any demerit points or a suspension or disqualification.

The driver management feature in the software takes care of all these and lot more. It also generates periodic reminders for eyesight and medical checks based on predefined period or age of the driver.

Some software also suggest training and other interventions based on the driver’s history and performance.

Vehicle inventory and Maintenance : The number and type of vehicles will vary from company to company. This software helps in efficiently managing the inventory. It can also prove to be beneficial to manage the grey fleet as well.

With this software a scheduled maintenance could be performed to meet contractual obligations on the leased vehicles and preserve warranties. Receipts for vehicle expenses could also be loaded and exported for use with accounting packages.

When a vehicle reaches the end of its time it may be either disposed or returned to the leasing company. The fleet management software helps in calculating the cost of depreciation.

Cost, Insurance and Infringement management : A company should be able to ascertain whether it is getting value for money for its fleet in its current configuration. This software could perform calculations for the total cost of ownership including maintenance, depreciation, fuel and other metrics.

Drivers may occasionally get speeding fines, toll notices and other infringements which is taken care by this software. This software is quite useful when it comes to insurance management as well.

GPS Tracking, Route planning and Optimization : The software comes with built in tracking system which uses vehicle telematics like GPS, GLONASS and cellular triangulation. Some software comes with an OBD device which is basically a piece of hardware installed to the vehicles for real time tracking.

Route planning and optimization is done by the help of google maps and shortest path algorithms integrated with the software. Everybody wants to reach their destination as early as possible and avoid traffic. A fleet management software helps in achieving this.

Alerts, Notifications and Reporting : A smart software should have provision for alerts which is configured based on various factors like excessive idling, entering or exiting a geofence, harsh driving, late start, sensor activation, speeding and many more.

Push notification is also an important part of the alert feature in a fleet management software. 

When it comes to reporting the data collected over a period of time is formatted and collected as spreadsheets for detailed examination.

Extracting Data : Extracting real time data is very useful for future purpose. Most of the software comes with an interface that helps in collecting a huge amount of data about recent activities of the vehicle, while other systems use hardware to collect and deliver data.

Some data that is commonly measured includes

  • Service intervals
  • Gear and clutch operation (from wheels,tachograph,GPS)
  • Engine fluids
  • Seatbelt use
  • Journey distance
  • Brake and accelerator operation and pedal position

All the above discussed features gives a vivid account of the necessity and importance of a fleet management software for running a taxi booking business.

Nikola from smart-car tech is an amazing piece of software that not only have all the provisions for fleet management but lot more.

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