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Baidu CEO Robin Li pulls a Driver-less Car stunt, gets fined

After announcing this week its partnership with 50 companies for launching driverless car project, Robin Li, CEO of Baidu has landed himself in big trouble!

China’s Tech Giant company, Baidu’s CEO on the aspect of doing a stunt landed himself in trouble. Robin Li, CEO of Baidu recently rode a driver-less car on the roads of China and live streamed his ride to an AI developer’s conference quoting them how smooth the ride was, sitting comfortably on the passenger’s seat. Well, this act hasn’t exactly gone down well with the Chinese government, as driverless cars have been banned in China.


Robin Li is seen conversing with the developer about his experience in front a thrilled audience.

Though, a person was sitting on the driver’s seat, he didn’t touch the wheel while driving down the busiest Chinese Highway. During the conference he explained how smoothly the car rode on autopilot mode even though there was heavy traffic.


Robin Li had already taken out his car for test drive in 2015. The traffic policemen said that it will be investigated and actively verified. China’s policy of “Do first and act later” has taken toll on its policies. They seem to be slow in adopting new technologies and abiding laws.

The stunt didn’t go down well with the police as when the live video footage was checked, it was found that the car was facing issues while changing lanes. It did change lanes when a car was right behind it, and at points it tried changing lanes when a car was next to it. This was not at acceptable, though Robin was seen calmly sitting in his car, but some traffic laws were broken. The car needed some more work to be done on it!

The fine for a driver without a license is 20 euros but for driver-less cars, no such rules has been made. So, for now the car has been confiscated. The laws have still not be constructed for allowing driver-less cars on the roads. Baidu has refused to comment on the matter.

Now, with Robin’s new stunt let’s see how the Chinese government will react to it. Let us know in the comment section what you think about the future of driver-less Cars in China.

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