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AUDI to launch Autonomous Driving in A8: Audi AI

Automaker Audi has always stood out as a leader when it comes to adopting newer technologies. At a time when other companies have realised this and are entering into the league,  Audi was the first one to quickly seize the first advantage to acquire a license and take a test drive on the streets of New York. Audi has also acquired license to test on California and Nevada’s road.

New York police has already tested all the routes on which the car will make its ride happen and Department of Motor Vehicles has also given green signal to make its testing happen. There will be 2 drivers, one on driver’s seat and one on the back seat to assure car’s system. Even with Audi’s great deal to have autonomous cars on road, still it will be available by the year 2021 fully on road. Audi is taking help of NVIDIA for directing it with artificial intelligence.

AUDI is all set to launch its new Audi 8 and with this grand launch, it is also set to bring its Audi AI in picture. The big summit opens up on 11th of July, i.e. Today. Though it is for the launch of Audi A8 but its focus will be to launch Audi AI as its next prospect plan! Audi plans to reveal to the people that it is also in the run of making driver-less cars a reality for the public with the help of artificial intelligence. The summit is supposedly taking place in Barcelona, the smart city!


Audi launching Autonomous Intelligent Driving!

This is not only about Audi, but for the whole Volkswagen group that includes- Porsche, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini and many more. CEO of Volkswagen group Stadler said “We see potential for highly automated driving also in the city, where traffic is highly complex; this is the ultimate test for us,”. He saw the potential future and believes this is going to increase in perspective of automated Taxis as well. Audi is planning to launch Level-3 automated driving in its new launch of Audi cars. The car can therefore launch up to 35 miles per hour in traffic.
For Audi this began way in past, in year 2005 when they collaborated with Stanford University for the DARPA’s Grand Challenge organised for automated vehicles. Their collaborated team was a winner being successful in driving 150 miles fastest.

Many automobile companies have been grabbing opportunities to collaborate with various other automakers or tech companies to make the product of autonomous vehicles a reality!

For similar cases, Intel has bought 15% shares of their business. Automakers like Audi, BMW and Daimler bought Nokia unit for $2.9 billion avoiding any virtual affect of Apple or Google for location database and making global maps.

According to Rupert Stadler, CEO of Volkswagen group “Artificial Intelligence will be undoubtedly one of the greatest forces of change ever experienced by mankind.”

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Audi has also launched its surface in the making of big project of building autonomous cars!! Let us the see the future and response from today’s event!

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