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Face Off: Yamaha R15 vs Honda CBR 150R


Yamaha R15 review

The Yamaha YZF-R15  is a uni-cylinder sport motorcycle that has been in the Indian motorcycle scene since 2008  and had impressive supremacy over the rest of the sports bikes of its kind. With the same engine and chassis the R15 was descended from the V-Ixion manufactured and sold  in Indonesia , its design and looks were pretty much influenced and inspired by the Yamaha YZF-R1. The bikes petrol engine was fine tuned  to achieve higher torque and better performance , 6-speed transmission was  adopted and state of the art linked type of sport suspension was fitted at the back. Since its first appearance the Yamaha R15 has seen a major face-lift in 2011 and the contemporary version is the R15 V2.0 .

The Honda CBR is the successor to the 2-stroke Honda NSR 150 , the bike is forged and marketed in Thailand since 2002 and have been exported to many Asian and African countries. HONDA CBR 150R  is the younger sibling to the more popular CBR 250R with much similarities , it might not  be so powerful and impressive as the CBR 150R but it manages to create a balance between performance  and efficiency. The  CBR 150R  is the four stroke 150 cc sport motor bike a part of HONDA CBR series manufactured by Honda.


Design and Dynamics 

Honda CBR 150R

Honda CBR 150R review

Nothing can beat Honda bikes when it comes to ergonomic design and performance,  you are ought to be satisfied with the irresistible  looks and appearance  of the bike . CBR 150 with its unique head light design manages to produce a crystal clear bright beam without compromising on striking looks. If performance is needed engine has to be kept cool which is  achieved by the state of art liquid cooling system . The highlighted strips on the bike give it the true sporty character and also impressive appearance. The cowling of the bike represents the true spirit of the Honda bike racing with the perfect balance of aerodynamics and sporty style making it one of a  kind bike. The instrumental panel with its futuristic design manages to display all the information the driver needs

Yamaha R15 V2.0

Yamaha r15 review

There is no other bike of its kind which can compete with R15 in terms of  appearance and aggressive sport look.Without spoiling the racing soul of the bike  yamaha R15 was upgraded to Yamaha R15 V2 with distinct changes . The integrated split seats , the re-designed middle and rear and the futuristic taillights not only give the bike a well defined sporty look but also reduce the drag by 4%. Yamaha now fine tuned the standard upright sitting posture to a sporty lean type of sitting posture . IT is the of the first liquid cooled engine which reduce vibrations to give a high quality ride .The newly designed exhaust system add on to the sporty style of the bike , the angle at which it is mounted give the feeling of the thrust travelling upward.

When it comes to appearance  and aggressive sport looks, Yamaha R15 has the upper hand with improved  dynamics and the new design makes it the best bike of  two interms of appearance  and design.


Engine And Performance

Honda CBR 150R

honda cbr 150r deluxe review

The Honda CBR 150R is forged with a 149.4cc 4-stroke liquid cooled SI petrol engine , made for performance to be delivered. When the engine is put to the test it can deliver a maximum power of 17.57bhp  produced at 10500rpm . This beast is capable of producing a torque of  12.66Nm at 8500rpm. The highly responsive Honda engine enables you to zoom from 0 to 100kmph in just 11.87 sec. Honda adopted a more advanced double overhead camshaft (DOHC) mechanism which helps implementation of 4-stroke engine and better valve operation which results in impressive performance and higher speeds. When operated in its highest gear it takes a sloppy 17.52 sec to travel from 30-70kmph. When put to the real test CBR 150 R can zoom up to a maximum velocity of 125kmph. 

Yamaha R15 V2.0

Yamaha R15 V2

In the heart of this beauty lies a 149.8cc 4-stroke liquid cooled SOHC petrol engine , very conventional engine but performance is not compromised. The Yamaha R15 is capable of producing similar numbers as the CBR150R , it produces about 17PS of power at 8500rpm .It can yield a maximum torque of 15Nm revolving at 7500 rpm. To reach the magic number 100kmph all the way from stand still R15 will take you 13.15sec.  Yamaha adopted a conventional single over head shaft (SOHC) claims to have some advantage over heavier DOHC making it able to achieve low end torque when compared to DOHC engines  . In the fifth gear R15 takes just 10.75sec . The Yamaha R15 V2.o has also a very impressive maximum speed of 145kmph. R15 is a more lively engine with better throttle response especially around the corners.

Both the bikes are neck to neck interms of performance and numbers , it is tough to conclude but the winner in this section would be the Yamaha R15 . The low end toque capability allows the r15 to zoom through the city traffic without any hitch and the huge ingear margin makes it the best performing sport bike of its kind.

Ride and Handling

Yamaha r15 v2 vs Honda CBR 150

Honda CBR 150R

Honda CBR 150R opted dual disc brakes for the front and back tires for superb braking performance and with perfect safety and confidence for the buyers. It has the diamond type rigid frame work to give a strong backbone , there is no compromise when it comes to ergonomics in the CBR . The steering of the bike is light and smooth with all the ample space and the clip on handle bars gives such pleasure to ride it . The bikes is fitted with the usual telescopic suspension up front and the mono-shocks at the rear combined with the larger rear wheel gives the best possible ride. The CBR’s perfect balance of ergonomics and performance with its ability to outrun the r15 gives its riders such pleasure to explore its full potential .

Yamaha R15 V2.0

Yamaha R15 also uses a rigid frame well known delta frame which is also used in the YamahaR1 , combined with the rear disc brakes gives perfect safety for the riders. The more radial rear tire gives it better grip than the CBR . The disappointing factor about the bike is the cramped cockpit making it little tough to make the sharp turns and maneuvers.It has a rather agressive and sporty sitting posture when compared to the CBR.

Well we have a clear winner in this section and it is the CBR 150R , with the balance of ergonomics and performance , making it the bike which is more committed to the track.


The Verdict:

The clear cut victor would be the Yamaha R15 for conquering 2/3 sections , Whether it be the low gear performance or ingear margin CBR cant match with the R15 .Conquering the roads with high speed and performance or moving through the city traffic without any hitch R15 does the job perfectly .Both the bikes give about the same range of mileage 35-40 kmpl . Despite the aggressive sport look and ease to ride it comes with  such affordable price tag when compared to the more expensive CBR 150R making it  the best buy among the two .

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