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WRYDES Uber Clone Script Review

Most of the uber clone scripts that are found in the mobile app store are customized tailor-made apps. Before proceeding any further let me explain what exactly is an uber clone script. Uber clone scripts or apps are basically the replicas of the original Uber software.

uber clone script

The rampant downloading and usage of the uber clone scripts on the app store proves how popular they have been in the recent times. There have been a lot of variants available from all sorts of vendors who have begun their own software development following the path of Uber.

As a potential business owner planning to start your own taxi dispatch business, it would be wise to know all the functionalities of an uber clone script. Almost all of these uber clone scripts differ in certain features only. Hence, it is required to know the software feature by feature.

A brief history of WRYDES  

WRYDES is a software company that specializes in white labeled taxi apps. The uber clone script from Wrydes clearly depicts their expertise. They are a team of experienced and committed professionals who are passionate about their work. When it comes to customer satisfaction and product delivery they are second to none.

As there has been a huge demand for the uber clone scripts in the market in the recent times the product development team from Wrydes decided to bring their own product into the market. As a market leader Wrydes has managed to have a clientele that includes some of the distinguished companies like GoCabs, Sure Cab, Pulse Delivery, Citi Taxi and Mobi Cabs to name a few.

How is the Uber Clone Script from WRYDES any different?

There has been a lot of research going on to bring the best uber clone script in the market. Each one of the vendors is working overnight to make their product unique and different from their peers. Let’s have a look at all the features of the uber clone app from Wrydes.

  • Checking Driver Profile : A customer can check all the details about any driver right from the passenger app.
  • Locating Drivers : There is a provision for the customer to view all the drivers present in the vicinity. The nearby drivers are visible on the map on the passenger app.
  • Put in Request : With this feature, a passenger can put in a request for all the drivers present nearby or a specific driver.
  • Ask for Ride Sharing : The passenger can ask the driver present in the area to share a ride if there is a seat available.
  • Fare Estimator : The integrated fare estimator takes care of all the details like distance and additional surcharge.
  • Reviews and Complaints : The passenger can review a driver and post complaints on the app. The reviews given by the passenger are visible on the driver’s profile.
  • Manage Profiles : It is easier to upload documents and other details like driving license with the help of profile management feature.
  • Accept/Reject Request : There is a provision for the driver to accept/reject the incoming request right from the app.
  • Ride History : The driver can keep track of all the trip details as they are recorded in the app under ride history.
  • Live Tracking : With the help of GPS it is possible to keep track of the vehicles that are in service.
  • Technical Support : The support team is available 24X7 for any kind of technical support.
  • Customization : The app is open to any kind of customization as per the client request.
  • Cloud Based Automated Dispatch : This is one of the most important features of the software. With the help of cloud-based hosting, it is possible to create an automated dispatch system.

What else could have been added?

The uber clone script from Wrydes is a remarkable software in all aspect. But there are certain important features that are found to be missing from the app. Let’s have a look at some of the essential stuff that is found to be missing in the software.

  • Geofencing : Let’s analyze what is the importance of the Geofencing feature. Well, to begin with, a geofencing is nothing but a geographical boundary. An admin can set the perimeter for certain features to be available within the geofence. These can be promotional events or availability or non-availability of certain type of vehicles.
  • Promo and Referral Codes : Sometimes it becomes necessary to run promotional events to promote the company. Promo codes are some sort of coupons that can be used to avail special discounts. With the help of referral codes the customer can refer his friends and relatives and redeem the amount while taking the next ride.
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