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Weirdest cars of all time

Trolling others is perhaps the funniest way to get a smile or giggle on screen hooked junkies these days. But, how would it make you feel if you were to notice some of the weirdest (and I mean it in a funny way) cars ever made? Obviously, the makers of such unique trolls on wheels must have had a fresh dope of some of the weirdest $h!t.

Here is an article that should drive you crazy. Brace yourselves 🙂

Peel 50:

Hmmm….A 3-wheeled car, where have I seen it before? Ah, yes this car reminds me of the Mr. Bean series. The Blue car in that series was the handicapped cousin of all cars, due to its 3-wheel base. The Peel 50 happens to be the smallest automobile to ever go into production. Interestingly weird right?

"peel 50 car"
Smallest car in the world

Cam Van: Because 1 camera is just too lame:

In 1993, Harrod Blank had this weird idea to cover his car with cameras and to drive it around to take pictures of people on the streets. At the end of the dream, Harrod looked at pictures taken with the van of faces frozen in the moment of awe, pictures so powerful that the next morning he decided to attempt to build such a vehicle in reality. Soon after, his friends accompanied him for the next 2 years into building this dream cam van.

"Camera Van"
“Camera Van”

I hope google knows about this, it would have made things so much better. An interesting sight it the placement of cameras sequentially arranged to form the word “SMILE”

"camera Car"
Camera Car

Hippie car:

Grass might be green on both the sides, but how would it look like when the grass grew on the car.

"Grass Car"
Grass Car

Well, this experiment was nothing short of crazy. The grass-loving (keeping my imagination open to all sorts of grass) owner decided to allow Mother Nature do her thing to the car. Oddly enough, the car looks fine. I’m guessing that this car must be hybrid and runs on some green fluid (something similar to mountain due :P)

Not so Happily married car:

Well, as the name suggests, this car makes it really obvious. Apparently this couple considered that alimony was just too mainstream and took separation to a whole new level. Judging by the look of this car that has been precisely cut into half, I can only imagine the amount of things that had to be literally be severed.

"Divorced Car"
“Divorced Car”

This is????

It looks like a bug that had feasted on some humans is riding away to glory. Yep, its definitely weird looking, I’ve got to admit, the holes add a little character to this weird thing on wheels. But well, creativity sees no holes even if its on a bug shaped ride with holes on it.

"Weird Car"
“Weird Car”

Ugly Monstrosity:

Wonder what went into designing this ride!?

Monsters look really good on some rides, but making a ride out of what seems like a monster might not be such a great idea. Especially, if the monster is having a bad fur day. Even the worst teacher during my school days has never looked so eerie. But, no complaint to whomsoever has had this nightmare-inspired thing.



Why go fast, when you can snail your way through!

I’m assuming a few parents who were so inspired by the speed of a snail went completely literal with this ride. Designed quite well, but I wonder how slow it goes?

"Snail Car"
Snail Car


Play Boy’s nightmare:

Weird has just no definition does it? To say the least, this ride looks somewhat like a bunny. To add to the weirdness, check out the people sitting inside.

"Bunny Car"
“Bunny Car”


Tubs away:

It’s a child’s fantasy to pretend that his bathtub is a supercar and he’s riding it crazy. But, this rider went bonkers with this absolutely insane idea of converting her bathtub into a ride.

"Bath Tub Car"
“Bath Tub Car”


Spacious car:

This geek car, the owner must have had plenty of floppies and decided to glue them onto his car.

"Floppy Car"
Floppy Car

Post it:

What do you do if you have $h!t loads of post its? Simple, glue every decent inch of your jaguar with it. Looks like even the jaguar has had enough and has decided to leap the F#@k off.

"Weird Post it cars"
Weird Post It car


Tubes, Tubes and more Tubes:

The owner of this car must be related to Mario. He has left no space on his car un-tubed. Does he have tubes for seats too? Quite weird right?


"Tubular Cars"
Tubular Car



This limo doesn’t run out of wheels for the most part. Built by Jay “Hollywood”Ohrberg, this Limo named American dream was 100 feet long that was powered by 2-Cadillac V8’s and ran on 26 wheels with a pool and a helipad (that’s right, helipad) at the back. With a seating capacity of 75 people, its definitely one heck of a ride.

"Largest Limo"
Largest Limo


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