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VRINSOFT Uber Clone Script Review

Planning to start a taxi dispatch business like Uber? Well, the most important aspect of a cab dispatch business is the script or software that manages the entire system. With the astounding popularity of Uber and Lyft, these software are called as uber clone scripts. They have the similar functionalities of the original software and could be easily customized.

uber clone script

A lot of software companies have brought their own products into the market. Hence as a potential business owner you should be looking for a software that would be the most plausible one and should cater to all your needs. Some other verticals to look for is the services offered by the company, its maintenance and most important one the cost factor.

As you have planned to enter into a ferocious field of taxi dispatch software business which is ruled by global giants like Uber and Lyft, it is very important that you choose the software wisely as your business entirely depends on it.

What inspired Vrinsoft to create an Uber Clone Script?

Vrinsoft is a software company specializing in mobile app development, web design and IOT applications development. It has its presence in 5 countries around the world including Kuwait, Japan, USA and Australia. In India they have their office in Ahmedabad.

Their team of experts are not only dedicated but have years of experience behind them. They understand every minute details of their clients and serve them with diligence. They have developed clones for some of the most wanted apps in the world. Their commitment to excellence is second to none.

How Vrinsoft’s App is different from the others?

Before purchasing a software it is important to know what are the functionalities it has to offer. Every uber clone script is different from the other with only a few features. Those unique features make the product stay alone from the herd. Let’s take a look at what the uber clone script from Vrinsoft has to offer.

  • Integrated Chat Application : With the chat application integrated into the app a passenger can communicate with the driver easily.
  • Multi Location Access : A passenger can book a ride from a different pickup location with multi-location access feature. From the admin panel, multiple admins can gain access to the dispatches.
  • Transaction History : The app allows both the drivers and the passengers to track their previous transactions from the transaction history panel integrated with the app.
  • Caller Identification : The driver app is facilitated with caller identification which helps them to know the passenger before accepting a request.
  • Online Signature : The driver app is loaded with signature capture feature to sign and send the request and payment mails to the admin for verification. This makes the interaction between the admin and the driver more transparent.
  • Credit Card Payment : There is a provision for making a payment by debit cards and credit cards as well.
  • Wallet : Now the customer can go complete cashless with the help of wallet feature integrated with the app.
  • Cross Platform : The use of PhoneGap makes the app truly cross-platform.
  • Integrated Analytics : For growing your business you might be interested to perform certain analytics. Now with the help of integrated analytics feature, an admin can analyze the returns received on investment. It has several other features like a graphical representation of payment and ride status. This helps the business owner to frame strategies.
  • Fully Customizable : The app is fully customizable with the request of the client. It is possible to have a single app instead of two different apps for the driver and passenger.

What else can be added

Every software at some time or the other changes and adapts to the requirements and the necessities of the client. The more adaptable and customizable the software is the more popular it becomes. Although there are lots of cool stuff in the uber clone script from Vrinsoft, the addition of a few more features will make it even more worthy.

  • Surge Pricing : What is the need for Surge Pricing? The answer itself is another question, What kind of beverage you offer to your drivers? At peak hours it is difficult for a driver to pick a passenger from its location unless he is motivated. The surge pricing feature increases the price a little bit at rush hours and hence motivates the driver to attend the passenger.
  • Promo Codes : When you are running a customer-centric business it is very important to value your loyal customers. The promo codes are used for that purpose. On the occasion of certain promotional events, the customers can avail certain discounts by applying these promo codes.
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