Top 9 cars that all Dads will love!

Dad’s are natural ATM’s and fulfill pretty much all dreams of yours. But, have you ever asked your dad about what their dream really is? What would you gift your dad if it came to gifting him something special? Clothes? Send him off to a fancy restaurant with mom? An expensive holiday? You’d probably notice a smile on his face but smiles are just Meh!! How about going to your dad and saying, “Dad, lets drive your dream” Sure, every dad has a dream and it would surely make him happy to see the car of his dreams parked right in front of the house (Unless he already owns his dream car) After settling down for a pretty humdrum job, boring family car and a simple life where excitement occasionally shows up on the weekends, here is an article for all the hard working dads that have secretly admired a car for long but did not own one yet.  

9. Dodge Charger: Suited for muscle car loving dads, the Dodge Charger is a testosterone-challenging car. This car isn’t suited for the normal humdrum job doing dads. This car makes it quite a classy choice for speed loving dads. This alpha-car wrapped around a metal sheet comes with a 470-horse power enabled V8 engine. The charger is a full-size sedan with the bones to capably meet most family-hauling needs. Both front and rear passengers are treated to roomy accommodations and ride quality is supple enough to keep the spouse and kids happy. Available safety features include a rearview camera, a blind-spot warning system, a rear cross-traffic warning system and a forward-collision warning system.

"2015 Charger model"
Image Source: www.mideast.dodge.com

8. Ford Focus Electric: For tech-savvy dads, here is the Ford Focus Electric car. This segment is suited for diehard fans, and a dad with a short commute who lives to be on the cusp of the latest technology may very well dream of going electric. The Ford Focus electric is one of the most compelling picks for such dads. It comes with responsive handling and high-quality cabin make it a pleasure to drive, and it’s loaded with a wealth of tech amenities.

"Ford Focus"
Image Source: 2015newhybridcars.com

7. Ford Fusion Hybrid: Another Ford for tech-savvy dads. The Ford Fusion Hybrid is here. Hybrid cars are made for dads that thrill to the challenge of wringing the best possible mileage out of even the most mundane trips to the grocery store. The Hybrid’s EPA rating has a 47 mpg mileage. It’s fuel-efficiency is thrifty enough to delight even a dedicated frugal. The Fusion breaks the mold with superb styling, tastefully designed cabin.

"Ford Fusion"
image Source: wikimedia.org

6. Subaru Outback: This ride is for off-road warriors. This is an off-road friendly vehicle that comes cramped with bare-boned interiors that make it quite a decent choice. The outback comes with an all-wheel drive along with 8.7 inches of ground clearance. This vehicle has excellent visibility, spacious interiors and has safety features such as rear-view camera, adaptive cruise control, a pre-collision braking system and a lane-departure warning system.

"Subaru Outback"
Image Source: www.caranddriver.com

5. Hyundai Genesis: For those dads looking for a great bargain that goes along with greater features, here is the genesis. The genesis is a sensible, value-oriented choice that comes with style, refinement and a lot of luxury, the Genesis is the perfect pick. This car has an opulent cabin, plush ride quality and a generous selection of amenities. It delivers this premium experience at a price that’s all Hyundai, making it a drool-worthy choice for buyers who revel in getting a whole lot of car for less than most people would expect. Available safety features include a lane-departure warning system and a geo-fencing system that allows parents to set restrictions on the speed.

"Hyundai Genesis"
Image Source: www.autoblog.com

4. Lexus RX 350: If your dad hates the traffic, hates other passengers and gets irritated easily and loves complaining, the Lexus RX 350 is the pick. The RX 350 from Lexus has a smooth ride quality, impeccably crafted cabin and reduces the frustration while driving. The vehicle carries a parking sensor, blind-spot monitoring system, rearview camera and an adaptive cruise control system that includes a pre-collision warning and brake-priming system.

"Lexus RX 350"
Image Source: carsnews1.com

3. Audi RS7: Who doesn’t love an Audi? This brand is suited for drivers belonging to all categories. The RS7 is an ultimate car for dads. This vehicle has an enormous tailgate that opens up to reveal 24-plus cubic feet of cargo space, perfect for school projects, band instruments, and other bulky items. And up front it has a 560 horsepower twin-turbo V8 that goes from 0-60 in 3.7 seconds, top speed of 190 MPH, and an exhaust note that will make your nerve ends dance — all things that a modern-day dad needs to parent effectively. This is a pretty amazing car for all dads.

"Audi RS 7"
Image Source: www.carsguide.com.au

2. Porsche Cayenne:

Budget ain’t a problem? For the type of dad’s who drive like an F1 driver and feels you make like you’re in a raving game, the Porsche cayenne should help your dad fly on roads. This family-friendly five seat high-end SUV is gorgeously crafted both inside and out, it even features a stylish cockpit style layout that has come to define the cabins of modern Porsche sports cars. Available safety features include parking sensors, a rearview camera and a blind-spot warning system. This is a sizzler on roads.

"Porsche Cayenne"
Image Source: themasterairsmith.com


1. Mercedes-Benz S-Class:

This is one car suited best for high-roller dads. For dad’s that can afford the best of everything, here is the best of the best. If budget has no meaning and money flows like water into your wallet, the S-Class can be your dad’s to tame. With bespoke interiors, sumptuously furnished cabin, this car has limitless luxury. This car features driver-inattention warning system, lane-keeping assist, blind-spot assist, adaptive cruise control, a collision-prevention system and a night-vision alert systemthat reveals pedestrians and animals that may not be visible in the headlights. Your dad should be proud of you after you get this car 😛

"Mercedes S Class"
Image Source: bonjourlife.com
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